Monday, 3 February 2020

Review // Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this palette months ago, I hadn't heard anything about its release so was so excited when I spotted it. I'm a big Drag Race fan so although I don't have a great deal of call for a palette like this I couldn't resist, and today I finally had time for a long awaited play.

One of ABH limited edition palettes, this one is of course in collaboration with Drag Race royalty, Alyssa Edwards. If you order from the link above you're able to choose one of their brushes for £10. It retails for £46, the same price of all their other full sized palettes, but if you're luck you might spot one of these in TKMaxx too.

The palette actually has a nice range of colours, with the brights being the star of the show but also some great neutrals and a black and white which makes it very versatile and a handy palette to keep on you when travelling. I think I've probably mentioned before that I don't tend to keep the brushes in their palettes and I really dislike double ended ones. I did use the brush a little on this makeup today and it seems nice enough but I just don't find double enders practical. 

This palette was a great excuse to play with colour and I used the following four for this look; 

Believe - all over the lid, up over the socket line and around underneath. I used this to create the shape I wanted, leaving the inner corner bare so the yellow wouldn't be muddied.

D.D.C - this is a gorgeous shimmer, almost foil effect shade and I used this to define the outer corner and the socket. I also ran a little right under the lower lashes.

Texas Made - is the pink which was just used around the outside to soften the purple and also down into the inner corner a little.

Brick Road - finished the look, just a pop of yellow in the corner and blended into the rest slightly.

Lashes - Eldora
Felt Eye Liner - DHC
Mascara - Glossier
Brows - Anastasia Beverly Hills // NYX

Other than this look here, I did actually use the palette for a film job in January where we needed to create some big, colourful party makeups. This palette was a god send, as I am mostly prosthetics I don't have a huge amount of brights in my kit so these were perfect. I used a lot of the purples and pinks in particular and really enjoyed them. You do get a lot of fallout, which I'd also found with the other ABH palette I own, so it's best to do eyes before the rest of the makeup.

I just did these swatches with a finger so you can see that they're pretty nice and strong, the only one that's lacking is the white but that's usually what I'd expect. I adore the shimmers, they are so much more creamy and rich than a lot of other brands, the purple (D.D.C) in particular reminds me of a Quality Street wrapper. Delicious!

Overall I'm really impressed with this palette, all colours have great pay off and blend beautifully into the skin and with each other, I like the mix of matte and shimmer also. If I had to include a negative I suppose it would be the amount of fallout ABH's palettes have, it takes longer to do your makeup when it's messy but it's not really much of a grievance, I prefer to work on eyes first as it is.

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