Thursday, 13 February 2020

High Street Haul

I can't tell you guys how long it has been since I've bought makeup from a high street store but something compelled me to wander into Superdrug on the way home from the post office this morning. I tend to order all my makeup directly from the brand or from pro makeup stores and I think except my NYX brow gel I don't really use anything else. It was actually quite exciting to look at what each brand had on offer and I did end up buying a few bits and pieces.

Revolution surely sell more eyeshadow palettes than any other brand? There was an insane amount in my tiny Superdrug so I'm sure that wasn't even all of it. Because I've been experimenting with fun eye makeups a little more I decided to get a couple of their bright palettes Tropical Carnival and Constellation.
One thing I have wanted to grab a few more of is pinky nude lip products, so I took advantage of the Revolution 3 for 2 offer as well as picking up one of the liquid matte lipsticks and two Gosh lip liners which I think will pair nicely. I'm most looking forward to trying the liquid lipstick, those are my jam these days.
I know I will probably regret buying a Revolution foundation but I was just intrigued, the shade seems to work so we'll see if the formula does too. You've heard my foundation plights time and time again, someone make me place that Bobbi Brown order!
Lastly I grabbed a couple of glitter products, a Rimmel London nail polish and a good sized pot of biodegradable glitter from Barry M, it's a lovely gold and pink mix so I can't wait to use that.

I'm so in love with all these red tones but I'm going to challenge myself to try every single shade, I always have palettes that have colours I don't touch which is a shame. I've not tried Revolution's eyeshadows before so I really hope they are as creamy and rich as they look! On first impressions they're nice, sturdy palettes for £10 and a large amount of shades too, fingers crossed they don't disappoint.

The three lipsticks, not a huge variety in the colours I went for but I really love each one, it's going to make it difficult to choose what to wear first. I really like the print on the tubes too, I'm a sucker for leopard print.

I'll be sure to use some of these in a new post soon but like I said in yesterday's blog post, be sure to give me a follow on Instagram if you're interested in seeing more makeup looks than the ones I share on here.

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