Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Cult Beauty Starter Kit Review - Part 1

I've been so patient since this box arrived, I wanted to rip open every product but I've waited to get a photo of it altogether and now the fun starts! I think I spotted this come up on an Instagram ad and ordered it while walking down the road to the post office so I didn't forget. Keen much. I'm going to talk about the box in two parts, a breakdown of what products are included then I'll come back in a couple of weeks to give my impressions of the products when I've had a proper chance to try them.

The Cult Beauty Starter Kit

Living Proof's Restore Mask Treatment - this mask is supposed to strengthen hair and replenish the moisture and shine and is suitable on coloured hair which makes it perfect for me. My poor, dry barnet needs all the help it can get so I'm looking forward to trying this.

The Ordinary's Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA - I'm no stranger to The Ordinary but this is one of the products I've not yet tried. This is a serum used to target hyper pigmentation and give the appearance of younger looking skin. I don't have any hyper pigmentation but I wonder if it would help redness left after blemishes which I do struggle with a lot. My skin has always reacted well to hyaluronic acid in the past so I'll give it a go and see if there's any benefits.

Patchology's Flashmasque Hydrate - Who doesn't love a face mask? These retail at £8 which makes me think they must be good! I don't think I've ever spend over about £4 on a single mask. This one is all about hydration and is intended to leave the skin youthful and glowy. Can't wait!

Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask - This is a gel-like sleeping mask, as I mentioned a few posts ago I've recently fallen in love with a different one of these so I'm excited for another. The watermelon extract is said to soothe irritated skin which is definitely something I could use help with.

NARS The Multiple in Orgasm - This is a multipurpose stick in probably NARS' most iconic shade. I've had this in my kit for a long time in pan form but I think the stick is going to be quite handy for my personal makeup. It will be nice to give something with a bit of a shimmer a go.

Huda's Topaz Obsessions Palette - This palette is gorgeous, it has 9 amazing shades in a mixture of shimmer and matte. It's very small but is intended to be compact enough to chuck in your makeup bag and take out with you.

My first impressions of this box are pretty good, I wasn't sure about having three masks in one box but learning more about them it's good to see they're all for different purposes and two of which will give you multiple uses. I'm not really into tiny palettes like this one from Huda Beauty, it might be convenient for some but I find them a little fiddly and I tend to forget about them once it's in amongst the rest of my makeup, however the shades are beautiful, I'm so excited to have a play. 

I genuinely look forward to trying every product in the Starter Kit and it's nice to have six items I've not used before. The box itself is also pretty swish so I'm glad that I can repurpose that for storage. Now don't mind me while I smother myself in everything above, I'll report back soon!

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