Monday, 4 March 2019

Berry Eyes Reloaded

I said I'd be back soon to share a new berry eye when the last one didn't come out the way I expected and today is the day. I've been giving you some time to get over the disappointment of how underwhelming the last one was and hopefully you'll enjoy today's look which is a little more striking and a stronger pop of colour.

Berry eye makeup red pink nyx phoenix palette fotd

I love a red toned eye whether it's a postbox red, a hot pink or anything in between. I wonder if it's my inner emo coming out, I'd plaster my eyes with badly applied pink and a ton of black eyeliner inspired by the likes of My Chemical Romance. This was also the time I'd wear two belts, so it's probably something to keep in the past. However I hope I've done a better job here than I did twelve years ago.

Berry eye makeup red pink nyx phoenix palette fotd

On my lips I've used a Sleek Lip Crayon in the shade Berry Burst, I was a little worried mine was a little old because it always makes my lips tingle...on finding the link for this post I've discovered it's a plumping product. I've always liked the shade and the formula but that's reassured me and I'll enjoy using it more often now.

I have a thin line of eyeliner above my top lashes which is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and I've been using this eyeliner (not this exact one don't worry) for about four years now and I can't imagine switching it up any time soon. I used to wear eyeliner all the time but for the last couple of years is become a much rarer occurrence, I've not really gone off the look, maybe it's laziness.

Also shout out to my brows today. I was trying to use my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade til it was gone but it had dried up too much to be worth the hassle. I just replaced it and it is such a joy to work with a creamy, smooth product again.

Berry eye makeup red pink nyx phoenix palette fotd

When I realised I didn't have the right shades for my first berry look I instantly jumped online to find a palette with the colours I needed and found the Phoenix Eyeshadow palette by NYX. I have to admit I don't think I've ever used any NYX eyeshadows before, possibly many moons ago I may have bought some back from Canada but clearly they weren't very memorable to me if so. It was really hard to be restrained and only grab the palette I needed because they have such a great choice.

Berry eye makeup red pink nyx phoenix palette fotd
Row3 D // Row1 A // Row1 B // Row4 A // Row2 C

These are the shades I used in this look and I've attempted to label which is which above. I'll run through how I used each one from left to right in the swatches. The first shade I used all over including under the eye, then pressed the next shade over the top keeping mainly to the lid. The third shade I used very lightly blending it out into the skin. Then for the last two shimmery shades, the first one I pressed over the existing colour under my lower lashes, and the last was only in the very corner of my eyes.

I found the colour payoff was good but I did have to work for it a little and for that reason I don't think it's necessarily a brand I would use often in my kit outside of more creative makeups like face and bodypaints, but it's great for personal use. It's compact and affordable at just £16 a palette.

I do think I'll try some more of their palettes so I'd love to hear if you have any you'd recommend for a Nyx newbie.

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  1. This look is beautiful! Nyx are a fabulous brand in terms of price, I have about a million of their Soft Matte Lip Creams - definitely the best products they do, along with the Butter Glosses. I have a palette from the same range, I have the Warm Neutrals version and, if I'm honest, I'm preferring the look of yours, the shades are so vivid! But yes, if you don't have any soft matte lip creams yet then that's where you should go next with Nyx! xx
    Marina Rosie x