Tuesday, 26 February 2019

REVIEW // Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette: Part 1

I hope you like lipstick because this is part 1 of a 3 part blog series reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette. I picked this up the other day because they had a 50% off offer online making it just £24, an absolute bargain for 18 different shades of lipstick. I was saying here how I've only used a couple of ABH products before so this is extra exciting!

Lipstick palette product review 18 colours

I'd spotted this before in other artist's kits but not really looked at it in great detail, when I saw another artist post about the sale I had a closer look and couldn't resist. It has a gorgeous range of shades but also the primary colours and black and white so it's geared towards mixing your own shades which is something I do a lot for work. I love that it comes with a little palette and spatula as well which isn't something I've ever seen for a lipstick palette before.

Lipstick palette product review swatches

I've decided to do a separate post for each row of this palette because I want to share a photo of each shade on the lips as well as swatches so it would be far too long to do all in one go. I'm going to start from the top and work down, here are the swatches of the first six I'm sharing today.

Something to note about the swatches is that I think a couple of the shades show up a little darker here than on my lips which is strange but I suspect is just due to using a thicker layer to swatch than I did on my lips. They're not terribly far off but the lip photos are more accurate in colour.

Pink matte lip look
1 - Peachy Pink: A light pink, bordering on a pastel but would probably work as a pinky toned nude on slightly less vampiric skin tones than mine.

Deep red matte lip
2 - Red Oak Brown: This is a gorgeous burgundy and one of the ones that showed up a bit too dark in the swatches. I think this could be quite a wearable daytime dark lip.

bright red matte lip
3 - Burnt Orange: I love this orange toned red, this will be an amazing fresh red lip for summer.

brown matte lip
4 - Rich Oak Brown: Does this count as a nude? I suppose it might work as a nude on darker skin tones, it's a velvety, rich brown and I love the shade but don't think it's something I could carry off myself.

berry matte lip
5 - Burnished Berry: This is probably my favourite so far, I love a berry lip.

dark brown matte lip
6 - Rich Mahogany Brown: Lastly, and actually for me least is this rust brown shade, it makes me    think of the 90s brown lips a little bit but I think it might be my bad application that's throwing me off. This is the other lip that showed up way darker in the swatches but I think it might build up to that shade.

On first impressions I am incredibly impressed with this palette, the formula of the lipsticks is gorgeous and creamy to apply but then "sets" quite quickly making them smudge proof with a matte finish. I'll report back on how long wearing they are in one of the follow up posts.

I suppose having a palette of this size may not be the most practical in a personal makeup kit, it's not something you want to carry around for touch ups and it doesn't look like they do matching shades in individuals. However for any fellow makeup artists out there I'm feeling like this is a must have and would honestly be happy to pay the full price of £48 had I not got it in the sale.

Check out part 2 here!

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  1. £24?! That's absolutely crazy! Such a bargain, and the possibilities are endless! There are so many pretty shades xx

    GemmaEtc.com ❤️