Thursday, 21 February 2019

Copper Rose Eyes

The sun is back and I am so happy, it's ridiculous what a difference the weather can make. I've barely been outside but everything is easier with the tiniest glint of sun through the curtains.

Since beginning to redo my blog I've had a look back at some of my older posts and it's kind of embarrassing. I feel miles ahead of where I was since I've started blogging again regularly this year, don't let me give you such terrible content again guys, seriously call me out!

To make sure I continue to push myself I thought I'd reinvent some of my previous posts, partly to prove to myself I can do better but also because I don't think I really did the products justice the first time around. I'll probably be saying the same in a couple of years time I'd imagine.

Rose Gold Eye Makeup Look Face Of The Day

No this isn't the follow up berry makeup, that's still to come, I'm just obsessed with red and pink toned eyeshadows. I've decided this combo is called copper rose for lack of a better name, and it was an opportunity to get out the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette again after I reviewed it a couple of years back. To get to the boring stuff straight away, this palette was gifted but I was under no obligation to share it on my blog or on social medial.

Rose Gold Eye Makeup Look Face Of The Day

Why so sad gurrrl?? Is it because you forgot to photograph what's on your lips? Yeah sorry about that, lips are the red Dr.PawPaw Tinted Red Balm. I love this stuff especially in my kit, it's such a quick way to add a little colour to the lips whilst being lovely a moisturising at the same time.

Rose Gold Eye Makeup Look Face Of The Day

Makeup Eyeshadow Highlighter Palettes Urban Decay Make Up For Ever Le Maquillage Pro

Here are the three palettes I used in this makeup, one of the Make Up For Ever Flash Palettes in neutral tones, Le Maquillage Pro Luminizing Highlight Palette designed by Julia Carta and as mentioned before the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

Makeup Eyeshadow Highlighter Palettes Urban Decay Make Up For Ever Le Maquillage Pro

I don't really tend to share a lot of cream products on here I don't think but they're something I use a lot of. I love dewy, natural looking skin and I find with cream blushes and highlights it looks like the glow is coming from underneath the skin rather than sat on top.

Autumn Shades Makeup Swatches Eyeshadow Highlighter Cream Blush

From left to right we have the two cream highlights which I used on my cheekbones and cupids bow. They don't really have names but are the left two from the view you're seeing of the palette. Then we have Fresh Pink from the MUFE palette which I used all over the lid as a base, having this on first ups the intensity but also acts as a primer and my eyeshadow tends to stay on longer. The Flash Palettes are so versatile and I sometimes use a few of the shades in this one for blush. The last three are the UD powder shades, En Fuego which is placed all over and under the lashes, Ashes on the outer corner and crease and Scorched which I pressed onto the lid to add a little shimmer.

I don't think my lashes look as bad as they did in the last post, but they're just so sparse. I'd made peace with them until I started photographing my face loads for this blog again. I found a lash product in TKMaxx recently that I've been trying and I'll do a post on it some time if it makes a difference. Maybe I'll start embracing falsies in the mean time?

pic name pic name

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