Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Review: Makeup Forever Aqua XL Liners

If you caught my IMATS haul you'll know I purchased three of the Aqua XL eye liner pencils by Makeup Forever. I had planned to stock up on Zoeva pencils which are pretty lush but as I walked away from the busy counter intending to go back and grab them later in the evening I spotted these beauts. They were good enough to make me forget Zoeva altogether.

Seems like it's a bit soon to write about eyeliners again after THIS post but at least I can directly compare the two products now, because everything is always a competition apparently?

[M-10 Matte Black // M-14 Matte Charcoal Grey // S-50 Satiny Taupe]

I chose three neutral (some may say boring) pencils which are the only shades I really use on a regular basis in my kit.

I love MUF branding, it's so simple and professional looking. I shy away from anything too quirky or girly when it comes to my kit so I enjoy having MUF on display.

The pencils themselves are very creamy so they glide onto the skin effortlessly. As you might be able to tell in this last image, the taupe has a very slight shimmer to it being that it's a satin formula whilst the other two are mattes.

I found that once applied you needed to work relatively quickly if you wanted to blend them out with a brush because when left to air dry for a couple of minutes they became pretty much smudge proof. I was pleased to find they were stubborn when removing with water also which is always a good sign for anyone who cry laughs as much as me.

I have to say that using these has made me reevaluate my thoughts on the ELF liners which honestly aren't bad, but these are a dream. Right now I'm obsessed and can't imagine wanting anything else.

I really am impressed with all three and I think next time I need to stock up on eyeliners I would go straight back to MUF. There's also twenty shades in total which is fantastic for anyone who gets use of the bright colours as well as the more natural tones.

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