Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween makeup: Fresh zombie with gouged out eye

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's finally my favourite day of the year and I saved my goriest tutorial til last. It has been so fun creating 9 different looks this month, especially as I am not able to go out for Halloween this year due to being completely booked up doing other people's makeup.

Today I'm sharing an effect I've actually created more times than I can remember as it's one I developed for a feature film I designed the makeup for last year. The most realistic way to achieve something like a gouged out eye would be with a prosthetic appliance, but this gives an alternative method that is much easier and much more affordable.

halloween makeup tutorial, gorey sfx horror zombie, bloody gouged out eye
I wanted this to be nice and bloody so opted for a fresh zombie. (Though I intend to do a healed version at some point for my YouTube channel) I kept the rest of the makeup quite minimal as you can see.

halloween makeup tutorial, gorey sfx horror zombie, bloody gouged out eye

- First port of call was to add some characteristic zombie shading, I kept my base natural because I don't want to look too long dead. Using taupe, grey and black powder eyeshadows in turn I shaded in the hollows of my cheeks, my temples and forehead, around my eyes, chin and laughter lines. Think of the way we contour our skin with beauty makeup, start with those areas but create a more gaunt effect.

- Then around the eye that wouldn't be gouged out I used red, purple and black greasepaints to create some zombie intensity, make sure you soften the edges with a fluffy brush. I also used these colours on my lips, smudging it out roughly. This looked pretty cool but is now entirely covered in blood in these pictures, but it does give a bit more depth to that area.

- To create the hollow look to the eye socket I used a piece of gauze which I cut out of some black tights. This means you can still see out of the eye because it's not solid, but people can't see in. Clever eh! I applied surgical adhesive (basically eyelash glue) around my eye where the the gauze would sit, then putting it in place I applied more glue over the edge to hold it in place.

- Whilst this is drying I used alcohol activated paints with a really thin brush to draw on the veins. To get these realistic you want them really faint. If you don't have have these particular paints then you can mix some Isopropyl alcohol or even moisturiser in with your greasepaints and failing that, if they're still too strong - powder over them.

- Once dry I used Sculpt Gel silicone which I used all over the edge with a spatula then scraped outwards to create the ripped flesh effect.

- With alcohol activated paints again I started colouring the silicone. You don't need to match your skin like you would with a prosthetic piece because there will be so much blood. I used washes of different shades of red til it was the colour I wanted. Then with a toothbrush I used a splattering technique all around the area. If someone ripped your eye out you can guarantee there'd be a lot of blood flying about afterall.

- Then I started the fake blood. First I used a blood gel. I painted this on mainly around the edge of the gauze where I wanted it most gloopy, then with a thin brush I extended some of the scratch marks out. I also dotted some of the blood around the outside of the wound. I patted some over my mouth too.

- For the runny blood I dripped it on with a brush then let it run down my face the way it wanted to naturally. I've found most fake bloods bead up on the skin but you can easily fix that by mixing in a drop of washing up liquid to make it adhere better. Again I added some around my mouth to finish the look.

- Powder eyeshadows (Illamasqua 'Heroine', MAC 'Copperplate' + 'Carbon')
- Kryolan Supracolour greasepaints
- Duo surgical adhesive
- Gauze patch made from tights/stockings
- Mouldlife Sculpt Gel
- PPI Illustrator palettes 'American Horror Story' + 'FX'
- Make-UP International Abrasion Blood
- Pigs Might Fly Standard Blood

Other points to remember:
- If you are worried about protecting your eyebrow from the silicone, you can use a glue stick or gaffquat to stick it down first. However if you remove the makeup gently with warm water and soap it should not pull any hairs out.
- 3rd Degree is a slightly cheaper and more accessible alternative to Sculpt Gel if you are looking for something more affordable to experiment with.

I really hope you enjoyed this and all 9 of my Halloween makeup tutorials in fact. If you've not checked out the others you can find them all here. As with the majority of the looks I filmed a tutorial for YouTube which is much easier to follow than the written instructions believe me. I've embedded it below and if you like do check out my channel and subscribe becaaaaause I've had so much fun I'm going to keep doing sfx and creative makeup tutorials!


  1. I love it- it looks brilliant! I bet your eye felt strange, whenever I have to keep my eyes closed the only thing I want to do is open them because I know I can't...

  2. Bloody hell this is amazing! Terrifying! xx

  3. looks amazing! definitely more effort than cat ears and whiskers - i saw so many of them out at the weekend!

  4. Love this, definitely trying it next year! I tried the classic Zip Face and people were freaking out in the street, it was so much fun! You can see pics of it in my Halloween post here:

    What I Wore for Halloween | Shopped and Dropped

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