Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Halloween makeup: crusty zombie

Zombies are an obvious choice for Halloween costumes, there is so much scope, you can be a themed zombie, you can even be a sexy zombie if you're that way inclined. Any time I haven't got a costume planned for Halloween I opt for some sort of zombie but generally I go for the fresh, gorey kind, I love a bit (a ton) of blood!

For this reason I thought I'd challenge myself to do an aged, crusty zombie look for today. One that is very dead and has been for a really long time. No fresh wounds or blood, no signs of infection, just a husk of human form.

Aged zombie, monster, halloween, undead, living dead, walking dead
I wasn't entirely happy with the way this turned out, you know when you have a vision in your head and you just can't quite achieve it? That! I'll talk you through how I achieved this look nonetheless and maybe it will inspire someone out there to give it a go.

1 First I applied the bald cap, I use vinyl ones because they're thinner and easier to blend into the skin but you could get whatever's cheapest such as the kind from fancy dress stores as it would be easy to hide the edges with a makeup like this. Once I had the bald cap sitting in the right place I tacked it down with Pros-aide. I didn't bother with the back for the purpose of the photos but to wear this out you'd need to make up your whole head. I also blocked out my eyebrows with Pritt Stick, which I've mentioned doing in my last Halloween makeup post.

2 Next I marked out with a lip pencil where I wanted the exposed bone sections to be, and using liquid latex and tissue I built up the areas around these to create the look of old wounds with the inner sections sunk in.

3 Using morticians wax I added some texture to my forehead, lips and right cheek, carving into it to give a cracked, wrinkled effect. You could also do this with latex and tissue which would last longer on a night out.

4 I then got to painting, using both grease and water based paints by Kryolan, I sponged on different shades of grey, building up in layers. I used a toothbrush to flick paint on as well, I made sure to highlight the brow and cheekbone and darken the lower half of my face to make me look more gaunt, a mean feat with my round face. Moving on to the main features I painted in the black around the eyes and the bone texture in the wounds using white and yellows.

5 It was then time to add in a bit more detail, using a thin brush I added some depth to the creases I'd made in the skin and inside the wound areas to give even more depth.

6 I put in the white contacts, which I probably should have done earlier because as always they made my eyes water for a bit.

7 After touching up around my eyes I finished off by patting on loose powder to further convey the dried out, aged aspect of the skin.

What I used:
- Vinyl bald cap
- Pros-aide adhesive
- Kryolan liquid latex
- Toilet tissue
- Ben Nye morticians wax
- Kryolan Supracolours
- Kryolan Aquacolours
- Beautifeye white contact lenses
- Kryolan loose powder

Let me know what you think of this, I may end up doing a fresh or infected version as well if you guys are interested? Also if you have any other suggestions of Halloween looks you'd like to see, I'm going to try and continue to do two a week right up until the 31st.


  1. My gosh, well done! This looks really good, and scary :) How long did it take you to do it?

  2. Wow so crazy scary! Amazing you talented lady you!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo