Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween makeup: creepy cracked doll

I've seen loads of people trying their hand at cracked doll face paints this year and have contemplated the idea of creating a 3D version of this for a while, it seemed like the perfect time to give it a go.

Cracked doll halloween makeup tutorial, 3d effect, horror, sfx
I've done simple doll makeups in the past but this year I really wanted to up my game and bring something original to all my Halloween looks. Here I have gone for an aged, cracked porcelain doll.

Cracked doll halloween makeup tutorial, 3d effect, horror, sfx

Cracked doll halloween makeup tutorial, 3d effect, horror, sfx

- I started this look by sticking down my eyebrows with my trusty gluestick as I do for most of the tutorials.

- With some moisturiser on my fingertips to stop the wax sticking to them I spread it onto my face in the areas I want the cracks to be. I smooth this out with both my fingers and a metal spatula and also rub some more moisturiser over the area to aid smoothing it down. It doesn't have to be perfect because a few lumps and bumps will only contribute to the aged effect.

- I now applied my white base, being careful to pat it on gently when covering the areas with wax. To make sure my eyebrows were blocked out I took a peach coloured concealer to them to counteract the darkness showing through and then another coat of the white.

- For the eyes I did a cream base first then built up the intensity I wanted using powder eyeshadows over this. I made sure to soften the edges using a fluffy brush and some white eyeshadow.

- Also using powder eyeshadows I added some ageing to the cracks with brown and yellow tones. Then marked in where I wanted the eyebrows to be. Switching to cream makeup I drew in the brows for real and touched up around them with my white base.

- I chose some eyelashes and actually used two pairs on top and one underneath to give maximum volume. One of the pairs on the top actually have tiny diamantes on them which I thought was a nice detail.

- I painted in geisha style lips and dotted on some freckles with another cream makeup before it was time to finish up with the cracks.

- I first ran a grey eyeshadow roughly over the cracks to begin to build up the depth, none of the shading on this area needs to be too precise because natural ageing is rarely uniform. Then with a water-based eyeliner (but you could use any liquid paint) on a very thin brush I could fill in all the cracks with a strong black.

- I finished the look by plaiting my hair and there's a lot of scope for what you could do costume and accessory wise.

- Pritt Stick glue
- Ben Nye FX wax
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation
- Le Maquillage Professional concealer
- Kryolan Shimmering Visions palette
- Sleek eyeshadows
- Le Maquillage Professional Dirt palette
- Kryolan lipstick
- Eyelashes from Technic and Ebay applied using Duo surgical adhesive
- Kryolan water-based eyeliner cake

I hope you like this look, for a better look at how I achieved it give the video tutorial below a watch.


  1. The texture works really well with this look, great job- love it :)

  2. This is marvellous. Love the colours, the texture and the overall effect. Very well done!

  3. Such an awesome tutorial. I love creepy dolls :)
    x Dawn //