Thursday, 27 March 2014

Much more than a man's best friend

I'm a massive animal lover, it's probably a good thing I'm currently living at my parents' because if I was let loose on my own place it would pretty much be a zoo by now. I've never had a dog myself but have grown up around the pups of my friends and family and I've always longed for a fluffy companion of my own. We've always had cats, which are great too, but nothing loves you like a dog, right?

A long running obsession of mine are working dogs, and I don't just mean sheep dogs or sniffer dogs but all manor of dogs including some of which I think are most important but often overlooked - assistance or companion dogs. I was alerted to Bolt Burdon Kemp who have produced this great infographic on the subject of assistance dogs.

This outlines some of the ways in which dogs are providing assistance to those with disabilities, offering reassurance and independance. The dogs are not only helpful to individuals with physical difficulties but also give emotional support. It could be as simple as providing some much needed companionship or assisting the owner in day to day tasks.

Bolt Burdon Kemp are hoping this will help raise awareness of the importance a specially trained dog can be to those in need. If you or someone close to you is seeking extra help do consider this option, there are plenty of resources online which can give you more information.

Here are a few of the sites I found:
- Assistance Dogs
- Support Dogs
- Dog A.I.D

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bolt Burdon Kemp but all words are my own.


  1. Hello. First time here, saw this post on "UK bloggers" fb group.

    I was really interested by this post and I've just researched helper dogs after reading this. My dog, Freya, supports and helps me and i had hoped to get her "registered as my helper" but after the reading up I've just done seems that's not allowed. I have mental health conditions which the equality act (disability discrimination act) cover... Just the UK rules don't recognise how helpful and supportive dogs can be. She has changed my life since i got her, & i know if i was given the right to take her to work with me i could probably be employed again.


  2. I have recently realised how much a dog can mean to a person, they really are AMAZING animals x

  3. I wish I can have a pet dog, my mom won't let me! xx