Friday, 24 January 2014

Portrait mania

I've talked about my renewed love for drawing a few times over the past few months but now that a belated Christmas present exchange with two of my best friends has finally happened I can share some of my recent portraits with you lovely lot.

Not only did I draw and frame the illustration for each of them, but I also made them both a brooch of those pictures. I thought that was a pretty neat idea!

Andrew WK

Don Draper

It has made me think I should probably turn my Gary Oldman and Dwight Schrute portraits into badges for myself, only right!

I have a few more done for other friends that I won't be able to share on here for a while and quite a few more personal portrait projects in the pipeline. I'm always trying to think of good people to draw so if you have any suggestions, shout them at me below!!


  1. WOW! they're amazing ;) Have you ever thought about doing these on request and selling them- It's definitely the kind of thing i'd buy someone (or myself!) for a present x

  2. Wow you are so talented!! Great blog - new follower over here! xx

  3. Uhh wow dude you have amazing skills! The badges look so cool!! xxx

  4. omg you are so talented! these are amazing!! :)