Thursday, 5 September 2013

Review: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette

Sugarpill is a brand I have always lusted after for as long as I can remember, but I've yet to actually try any of their products. I've always liked the look of their strong eyeshadow colours and so I was super excited to be sent one of their latest palettes courtesy of Cocktail Cosmetics.

First up a little bit about this new palette, it is a collaboration with Amelia Arsenic the designer of A is for Arsenic and is described on the packaging as "An elemental collision of dark glamour and nocturnal worlds." As a big fan of A is for Arsenic this palette is just a perfect blend of Sugarpill's rich colours and Amelia Arsenic's alternative edginess. The packaging is very cool and stands out from the more playful, kawaii style usually associated with Sugarpill.

On first impressions I was really excited about the colours of the eyeshadows, with the purple and green this colour scheme reminds me of peacock feathers, something that will always have a soft spot in my heart after a particularly intense project when I was at uni. I like that these come with a dark and a highlight so everything can be used together or separate and can be blended darker or lighter accordingly.

I wanted to use all four shades for one look and see how they worked together for an almost gothic, smokey eye. One thing I have always been dubious about with Sugarpill is how pigmented their eyeshadows would really be. With such bright colours I always wondered if they would have good colour payoff and I found myself actually surprised at just how strong these shades were.

I didn't need to pick up a great deal of product on my brush and still got really intense, bold results on the skin. One thing I was really impressed by was the lack of fallout, despite building up a lot of product by the end of the look with some dark shades, I didn't get any powder peppering down under my eyes. This is definitely an advantage in my books, especially for using on clients.

I was most impressed with the molten grey shade 'Soot & Stars' and the purple 'Elemental Chaos' as they were definitely the strongest and worked really nicely together, they are also colours I can see working for a lot of different looks. The green 'Subterranean' doesn't stand out as much next to these but when I had a play with it on it's own later it was still very pigmented so would maybe work better as a main statement colour. Lastly 'Diamond Eyes' is probably my least favourite but only because it is so shimmery which I'm never a huge fan of, again I was hugely impressed with the color payoff from this one as I find a lot of white shades are really far too weak.

I feel like I've rambled on quite a lot on this post so I hope you've made it this far and I would really love to hear about your thoughts on this new palette and whether you've tried it or any other Sugarpill products before. Or maybe you are planning to buy this palette?

I always feel like I should find one fault with every product I review but with this palette it is really hard, this is going to make a fantastic addition to my kit and I can see me getting a lot of use out of it.


  1. This one is gorgeous, I can't wait to pick it up! Most of Sugarpill's products are so bright and colourful, so I was very excited when they released this one! xx

    1. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this palette too, definitely shades I will get more use out of, though I do love the look of their bright stuff!

  2. Soot & Stars is such a yummy shade! Love the flecks of glitter. I wish you could come to my make up! ;)

    Tara x

  3. These are some really nice night-out colors, lovely palette!

    ♥, moonchild beauty blog