Monday, 20 May 2013

MUA Monday: Ruth Pease

Today for MUA Monday I'm featuring Ruth Pease, an amazingly talented freelance makeup artist specialising in film, TV and fashion. Ruth produces some fantastic special effects work which can be seen on her website (I've not shared anything too gorey as I know it's not everyone's cup of tea) and is exactly the kind of thing I want to get into. Ruth describes her services as "Presenting the unique, ugly and beautiful since 2005."

When did you realise you wanted to become a makeup artist?I spent most of my teen years watching horror movies with my friends - we were in the video nasty years back then, so it was a huge mission to get to see films like Texas Chainsaw, The Exorcist, City Of The Living Dead. I knew I wanted to work in film, but it wasn't until I discovered the world of artists like Tom Savini & Rick Baker that I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. I couldn't imagine anything better than making a living from creating gore and monsters.
Where did you train and did you enjoy it?
I started off buying DIY FX books and covering myself in latex, cotton wool & fake blood (not that much has changed!). I took a part time film class and then found a Media makeup Diploma at Swindon College - it covered all the basics and forced me to try beauty makeup which at the time I had no interest in, but ended up really enjoying. My tutors were incredibly supportive and I had a great time there. Then I went on to London College Of Fashion and did a Specialist Makeup Design (Film & TV) Foundation degree there and finally a top up year to make it a full degree. I have mixed feelings about my time at LCF - they're predominantly a fashion college, and I felt like our department were extremely neglected. Our course tutors were great - but I didn't feel I learnt much more than I already had done on my diploma. I deeply regret not taking the place that was offered to me at Hertfordshire Uni, who deal much more with tech effects. Having said all this - there's a lot to be said for remembering most of the greatest Makeup Artists didn't have the option of taking a course and taught themselves - it's definitely important to adapt a spirit for experimenting.
Was it hard to become established and get regular work?
It still is! It's always something you have to keep working at. Even when you reach your height, staying there is just as much work - one year away and everything you've been fighting for can disappear. At the moment things seem to be constantly changing and I'm still undecided what exact area I want to dig my claws in and stay with - I love the diversity of makeup work and I'd be sad to have to neglect one creative style to concentrate on another entirely.
What is your favourite style of makeup to do?
I still love all things hideous and gory the most. Creating horrific wounds and monsters are definitely what I'm most excited about. But I love combining FX to create really theatrical beauty makeup - anything clashing, kitsch, sinister and disturbing with huge hair!
Is there any style of makeup you hate?
I don't think there's anything I really hate - anything you've had to repeat a million times can get a bit dull - but it's the environment that really makes a job good or bad for me.
What are your future goals in your career?
To keep surviving! I'm hoping to get much more involved in MUFX work and I really want to start working on my own projects for exhibition. I'm collaborating with costume designers, photographers and artists to make a collection of interesting and hideous stuff. I can't imagine I'll ever actually stop working - one of my heroes is an old carny guy called Howard Bone - he died with just enough money in a jar next to his bed to make it to the next carnival.
What is your top makeup tip?
Dr. Oetker makes the best red food colouring to use in homemade blood - it's more expensive, but really, don't bother using anything else! And - Animated Extras Pumping Blood - works flawlessly through tubes under prosthetics.
What makeup trend are you most excited about this year?
I really excited about what Alex Box has done for fashion makeup - it's opened a door for people to become really artistic and experimental with makeup - I'm looking forward to seeing where that goes. Also - Tinsley Transfers - I've seen some amazing results with the FX work on American Horror Story.
What are your favourite high end and budget brands?
High End - NARS and Makeup Forever
Budget - Loreal & No7

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