Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Current hair favourites

The title of this posts explains it all. I'm always talking about makeup and other beauty products but rarely hair. To be honest I don't have the passion for hair that I do for makeup and even skincare. Maybe I will more when I am studying it but for now I mainly just want my hair to stay clean and look half decent. Below are a mixture of new and long-term favourite hair products.

Area H2O shampoo & conditioner - These are something I won in a beauty giveaway this year, I'd never heard of the brand before and I like the idea that these products are created specifically to cater to hair being washed in areas with hard water. What I like best about these has to be the smell, the shampoo especially smells like Parma Violets so they're wonderful to use. They're products that leave my hair feeling super clean and pampered.
Tommy Guns smooth & finish creme -  This is something I've only started using recently and again I am in love with the scent. I've found I can put it in wet or dry hair and it gives a lovely sleek, smooth result and tames any frizzy, fly away hairs around my fringe or ends.

Batiste brunette dry shampoo* - I used to be a dry shampoo fanatic but stopped using it when I went dark brown. Since being sent these brunette versions of Batiste dry shampoo, I have fallen back in love. I often find if I wash my hair in the evening it needs a bit of pep in the morning if I don't want to wash it again and dry shampoo is perfect for this, as well as for taking with me for nights away. I also find them very useful for adding a little volume and texture to my roots. The darker versions mean I don't have to worry about them turning my hair grey anymore.
Hair masks - Two different hair masks here, one by Montagne Jeunesse and the other by Boots Natural Collection. Both of these I have found to be superb, my hair does need that extra loving care every now and again after years of abuse from bleach and coloured dye. My hair feels so wonderfully silky after using either of these masks that I have to stop myself using them all in one go.

Tresemme luxurious moisture shampoo & conditioner - I would probably say that Tresemme is my all time favourite hair product brand and their shampoos and conditioners will always be my go to. They're affordable and I know they do the job. My hair feels clean and smooth after using these and I love the smell. I also find that they are on offer quite often in both supermarkets and stores like Boots and Superdrug which is very handy indeed. Everyone has one brand that they find completely reliable and Tresemme is mine.

Loreal studio matt & mess spray - Lastly, this is a product I mentioned before in my favourites of 2012 post but I love it so much I wanted to put it in there again. This works best when I am wearing my hair wavy and gives such effortless volume I'm always so surprised at how simple hair styling is with this beauty. I've never tried any other sea salt sprays but I can see them becoming a future obsession as my hair continues to grow. I love this stuff!!

I hope this was helpful to anyone looking for some new hair products or brands to try. I know I didn't share too many, but that's literally because I hardly use much more than this. I actually have a shoot coming up in which I need to do the models' hair as well as makeup, dun dun duuuuun. So I will be abusing YouTube tutorials and will keep you posted on how I do!


  1. I really wanna try the matt and messy spray! I reviewed the one I'm currently using on my blog the other day but this one looks so good! xo

  2. Like the sound of the matte and messy spray!

  3. I love the sound of this Matt and messy spray! I really struggle with volume and I haven't seen a bad review of this :) definitely going to hunt it down ahah :) great post!xxx