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Raffles Bizarre is a little bit like an extension of my brain, the beauty orientated area at least. I love having a place that I can ramble on about products I'm trying or makeup looks I've experimented with and am quite happy bumbling around on my own.

Though as much as I love it, it's always exciting to collaborate with brands and incorporate some products I may not discover otherwise.

My style of writing is very chatty and down to earth, I like to feel like I'm having a chat with my readers like I would with colleagues or friends. I think this gives for a slightly more personal read which I enjoy from the blogs I read myself.

If you're a brand or work for one I would love to hear from you if my wee blog fits with your aesthetic, I'm open to sponsored posts and more than happy to try out products giving a friendly, honest review after fully testing them. No brand is too small, I love discovering independent businesses coming from that background myself.

Similarly I'm more than happy to host giveaways and am open to discussing any other ways you might be interested in working with me.

For all enquiries do email rafflesbizarre@gmail.com

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