Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Insta Eyes 1

Happy hump day guys! If you have me on Instagram you might have seen the following makeups already, I've been having fun this week playing with makeup in a way I don't usually get to in my job and coming up with some fun looks. I wanted to share them on here so I can write a little more in depth about each one and get your thoughts.

- I actually used a pink Tarte blush first for this look because it perfectly matched the shade I had in my head. I used only this and a blue from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette for colour then added the glitter over the top, two types pressed onto a thin lick of Vaseline. When thinking of glitter makeup a lot of the time we imagine layer and layers that you'll be finding for weeks to come, festival style. This however is quite subtle as far as glitter goes and super simple to recreate. I'm not usually one for pastel tones but I am so in love with this.

- I wanted to do glitter two ways, quite fresh and pretty like the first look and then something a lot more dramatic. Black and gold is one of my fav combos and was as different to the first look as I could come up with. I first used black from the Make Up For Ever flash palette as a base and Eclipse from the Violet Voss Rainbow palette over the top and for a softer edge. I then used the gold shade Buttercup over the top and a couple of types of glitter. To keep this dramatic I used some generic lashes, a full, heavy lash on top and a more natural on the bottom with added strips cut from the other full lash.

- I'm always wishing I had some good red eyeshadows and recently discovered Slowburn in the Urban Decay Electric palette is a lot redder than it looks in the pan, I'd written it off as an orange. That is the only colour I've used, I've concentrated it on the outer edge and softened with a clean brush. The liner is DHC as mentioned in the last post which has the finest tip, because my lids are quite hooded I have to take the flick right out to the side.

- For the last one I wanted to keep the skin looking a little textured so I added freckles using a Skin Illustrator palette. Then I simple used the gold from the Make Up For Ever flash palette on a spoolie through my brows and eyelashes and some fine gold glitter on top using a mini fan brush. 

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut with makeup and the blog helps me mix things up a little, but these feel like an extension of that and I'm letting myself be a lot more free and creative. If you're not following me on Instagram pop over and have a look and I'll share my favourite looks on here from time to time.

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