Wednesday, 8 January 2020

2019 Beauty Favs

Hello 2020! It's great to be back - yes yes, you have deja vu, I DID make a reappearance about this time last year that lasted all of three months. I'm not going to promise that won't happen again, but here I am to attempt to start a monthly favourites series.

I wanted to give my monthly favs a kickstart by sharing some of my top products of 2019 as a whole, there's been so many so it wasn't easy to narrow down to just a few.

beauty favourites skincare makeup haircare

beauty favourites skincare makeup haircare

Skin and hair care favs:

Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine - This has got to be my most used hair product of the year. I have very fine, very dry hair and it needs a little something something  to stop me being a complete fluff monster. It's not the cheapest product, costing over £20 for 50ml but I only ever need to used a pea-sized amount so it's actually worked out very affordable because of how long it's lasting. In fact you need to be careful not to use too much or it creates a wonderful greasy effect, perfect if you need to create that look on film but not really what I'm going for.

Body Shop Drops of Youth - I saw Poppy post about this on an Instagram story and bought it immediately. Anything that suggests a removal of dead skin is right up my street. (I'm all over the feet masks.) Now...I am a little dubious that it's actually just skin that's balling up as I massage this peel in, but whatever is happening I love it. I like to use it a couple of times a week before a shower so I can wash it off with the utmost ease. I don't know that it is making any longterm differences to my skin but it's definitely leaving it feeling smooth and grime free after each use.

Pixi Retinol Tonic & Pixi Glow Tonic - I've been using these for the last year, Glow in the morning and Retinol before bed. I feel like I'm getting the benefits of the retinol and glycolic acid without it being too intense. My skin definitely felt like it had a bit more life in it after the first few months of using these tonics, I'm also at that age (33) where it's starting to show on my face so I'm happy to have a retinol in my routine to keep those fine lines at bay a little longer. I had noticeable ones on my forehead a year back which were made even more obvious by the way my foundation sat but those have greatly reduced, I can't guarantee that's the retinol tonic over something else I've been using but it seems likely.

Egyptian Magic - This is probably the product I don't use quite as regularly as the others, it's one of those holy grail products like PawPaw that I use whenever my skin is feeling a little sore or for cracked lips and irritations. It's super greasy so it's not one for when you're out and about but it's so soothing and healing that I get it slapped on when I'm at home for the day and it will have my skin cleared up a lot quicker than the alternatives I've tried in the past.

Provence Beauty Kale + Niacinamide Sleeping Mask - I'd say this is my favourite skincare product of the year, and annoyingly for you I bought it in TKMaxx and it seems impossible to find online. It's a gel consistency that you pat on your skin and it dries so you can sleep with it on. I've noticed dramatic improvements to the redness and breakouts since using this, I am prone to breakouts and I watch my skin become noticeably more clear the morning after use. I'm going to be sad when this runs out and I can't get it again, but this isn't the first time I've had success with niacinamide so I'll be sticking to it.

beauty favourites skincare makeup haircare

Makeup favs:

Nip/Fab Liquid Blush in Mauve Movement: I've been using Glossier's Cloud paint religiously for a long time now, however I've found a new liquid blusher I really love. I wouldn't say it's as revolutionary a product as Cloud Paint, but I just love the shade and the finish. It is so insanely pigmented so you only need the tiniest little dot and then you really have to buff it in, it was a little scary at first but the colour really looks like it's coming from under the skin. It's actually taught me I can get away with wearing more blusher and I won't end up looking like a clown. This has become my go to blush when I want a little more of a basically all the time.

Real Techniques Soft Finishing Brush: This ties in nicely with the liquid blush because that's what I use it for. I find for liquid and cream blushes I need a very specific type of brush and this is the perfect combination of soft and dense, it's great for buffing but also light enough for dusting on powder products as well. I've always loved Real Techniques brushes but especially the ranges with tapered ends, I use them a lot for work and the chunkier brushes just take up too much space.

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara - I've mentioned this mascara in a previous post and after experimenting with a couple of different ones I found myself come crawling back to Glossier. I should know better than to stray from the products that work but I can't help myself. I absolutely love this mascara, I love the formula, it lasts all day and doesn't transfer, and I love the wand which is a sturdy silicone so doesn't apply too much or make my lashes clump.

Lipstick Queen Saint in Rose - I have a couple of Lipstick Queen lipsticks but this one is my favourite and one I've reached for a lot this year. It's a rosy berry shade I love and is a lovely balmy formula so it can be worn as a sheer tint but is also buildable. It's also quite nourishing for the lips because of the shea butter content. I started to wear lipsticks a lot more last year which I will talk about more in another post but this is an excellent one when you wan't to go a bit more natural.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y - Last but most surprising is this gloss by Fenty Beauty. Surprising because I've stayed away from glosses since my early twenties, I hate being sticky, I hate getting my hair stuck to my lips in the wind and having gloss swept across my chin. However, this gloss isn't like that and is why I'm so excited. Gloss Bomb leaves a gorgeous sheen and whilst it remains wet, it's not sticky and it doesn't move during the day. It's got a light shimmer and hint of colour so it's great on its own or over another lipstick.

I was planning to share some of the products I've found most disappointing as well but the post is already so long I'm going to save them for a separate post. I hope this has been interesting, I would love to hear your thoughts on the items I've shared if you've tried them. Or if you've done a similar post feel free to link it in the comments so I can check it out!


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