Monday, 20 January 2020

2019 Beauty Changes

Reflecting on 2019 it was probably my busiest year work wise but somehow I still managed to get in a fair amount of me time with regards to beauty. I tried so many new products and made a few changes that I wanted to share, none of which were particularly conscious attempts to level up but new things I fell into.

Okay so I've already lied, the first one was a conscious decision, partly to benefit my skin and partly as a means to be a little more environmentally conscious. I've been switching over to face cloths instead of wipes for a few years now and this year I also purchased a Face Halo which I absolutely adore.

I don't think anyone ever uses wipes because they find them affective, it's just laziness. Now I'm confident I'm actually getting rid of all my makeup, I can use use over the sink cleansers a lot more easily and I'll never run out.

I have about six of the Magic Eraser style cloths, though only two are that brand. The watermelon one came with a little plastic pouch which is perfect for travelling because I have somewhere to put them when they're damp. I love the Face Halo, I think the texture means it cleans my makeup off even more quickly than the cloths though I get less uses out of it between washes.

Most recently I've begun using the bamboo reusable makeup pads which I ordered on Amazon and I've not used a regular cotton pad since. I'm hoping I can restrict them to just taking off nail polish and occasionally at work but I don't see a reason why I'd have to go back to using them on my face. The reusable ones don't absorb as quickly so you have to be a little careful but they're so much softer on your face. I tend to use them two or three times then pop in the little baggy they came in to bung in the wash.

I mentioned briefly in my first post of the year that I've started wearing lipstick. I've always remarked on my thin lips and how lipstick doesn't suit me at all but in 2019 I started to embrace it anyway. I think I'm just past caring and want to be able to glam up a little more. Though perhaps all the lipsticks I shared on here last year gave me the bug.

The lipsticks above are some favourites from 2019, I have a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks but these are the shades I use most often - Toast and Dazed. I've shared the Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Saint before but this one is the Sinner shade Peachy Nude, I don't use it as often as my Saint one but it's still a firm fav. I love this shade of Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Liner (14C) and fourth along is the lipstick I have that matches it most closely, though I have no recollection of where I got it. I thought it might have been in a Korean beauty store but who knows, and it's running out! Typically this combo is my most worn lip so I'm going to have to find a more accessible replacement. Lastly the NYX Slip Tease Lip Oil in Coy Seducteur is a bit more of a summery pink and I wore it a lot more in the first half of 2019, time to break it back out I think!

Tanning is not something I ever thought I'd do. I was blessed with transparent skin that burns oh so easily and all I've ever longed for is a nice natural tan. NOT POSSIBLE. So this year I started to dabble in self-tan, I only tried the three products above and had a mixture of success. With Isle of Paradise Tanning Water I still got the occasional streak and would try and fix that by topping up with the Rimmel Instant Tan the next morning. I had slightly more success with the Skinny Tan Body Glow but with all three products I find the shades still look a tad orange on me, is that just because I'm so pale or have I chosen bad products? Any tan gurus out there I would appreciate your advice, next summer I wanna get some natural glow on.

I'm excited to start a new year and discover more products and just find out how my makeup and skincare routines will evolve in this one. Maybe 2020 will be the year I leave my spots alone and drink more water, lets at least try!


  1. I really like the makeup remover cloths and pads, I don't know how they work it's some kind of magic haha. I need to try re-usuable cotton pads too xx

    Makeup Muddle

    1. They're great, I just try an make sure I pop them in the wash when half are dirty so I don't run out with them all dirty at once.