Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Blue on blue eyes

For as long as I can remember I've heard people say not to wear blue eyeshadow if you have blue eyes. To be quite honest I think I'd struggle to brave blue eyeshadow whatever my eye colour, yet I saw someone talking about this the other day in reference to the new Colorpop x Zoella eyeshadow palette and thought I'd have a play around.

I don't own that palette I'm afraid so I had to delve into my kit in search of a striking blue with the aim to do two quite different looks, one big and bold and the other slightly more wearable.

blue eyeshadow pop of colour blue eyes

Starting with the more subtle of the two, I've just gone for a pop of the blue. I paired it with a wash of golden brown from my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette and the MAC Gigablack mascara. The blue is a combination of two products, I first lined under my lashes with the royal blue from the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette then patted on a similar shade from the Urban Decay Electric eyeshadow palette and with a clean brush I smudged it out a little to soften it.

blue eyeshadow on blue eyes glam strong makeup

For the second look I went full on, I used the cream as a base all over the lid and underneath then worked the eyeshadow into it. I decided to keep quite a strong shape so didn't blend out the edges too much. I added some black liner to my waterline and have Blankety by MAC on my lips.

blue eyeshadow pop of colour blue eyes strong glam makeup

Whilst I think both looks are kinda cool I don't think I would ever wear the full blue eye, I love the colour but it's way too much for me. I'm much more into the first look, it's an easy way to spice up your makeup and I think it works better for my eyes having a little brown in there as well.

eyeshadow urban decay electric palette make up for ever cream palette

I've been deliberating for ages whether to include this photo or not because the palettes aren't new and pretty, the cream palette in particular is a mess because I decant from it with the end of a brush or spatula for hygiene reasons. I think it's quite evident which shades I used, the dark blue in cream and Chaos in powder.

This experiment hasn't really helped me decide how I feel about blue on blue eyes, I think it's not as much of a faux pas as people make out yet isn't really for me. I reckon if I applied the same makeups to a model I'd be all over it! What do you think?

pic name pic name


  1. Omg, I totally love the brown and blue look! I'd never have thought to put them together, but it looks amazing! 😍

    Rhianna x