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AD // Lets All Shave Our Faces!

Hair removal is a topic I've not discussed before on the blog, I suppose it's not as glamorous as makeup and skincare, but is something a lot of us probably spend plenty of time on weekly. I'd love to be one of those people who can just leave their body hair to grow out and still be confident in their own skin but the fact of the matter is, I just don't like the look or feel of it. I long for expensive laser hair removal treatments but unfortunately I've got to stick to what I can get on the highstreet.

This may seem an excessive intro now that I introduce the product - The Brow Shaper by Lilibeth of New York but who said we had to stop at brows?

The Brow Shaper Lilibeth Of New York Face Razor Hair Removal

The Brow Shaper claims to remove eyebrow hair quickly, easily and painlessly. It has a stainless steel shaper which is designed not to cut or irritate the skin, or encourage new or coarse hair growth. When someone mentions shaving their face that is the first thing to tumble out of everyone's lips, won't the hair grow back quicker, and thicker, and coarser and ANGRIER!? Despite this myth being regularly debunked there's always conflicting opinions on the matter still, so I'll have to go on my own experience and with that I say no. No shaving your face doesn't do any of the above, it merely removes the hair and actually tools like these have the added bonus of exfoliating and removing dead skin at the same time.

The Brow Shaper Lilibeth Of New York Face Razor Hair Removal

The shaper itself is light and compact, the blade folds in on itself which stops it getting blunt in a drawer or rusting from moisture in the air. This also makes it great to take away with you, it's slim and light enough to chuck in a makeup bag for all hairy emergencies.

I've got to admit I already liked to use these style of shapers, it's something I tend to find in TKMaxx and I use a different brand every time, but I'd not heard of Lilibeth before. I was eager to try it and see how it compared to the ones I'd been using over the past six months.

The Brow Shaper Lilibeth Of New York Face Razor Hair Removal

First off I tried using it around my brows as given it's name I figured this is it's main objective. My brows are the one place I'd not used one of these before and I did find it a little tricky to get the right angles in an area that is small and delicate. I did find I could tidy up the area with the tip of the shaper but you do have to be mindful not to add too much pressure when doing this or you can scratch yourself. It probably wasn't a fair test on my brows as I don't grow a lot of hair there at all, so I moved on to other areas of my face.

This is the main reason I've used these tools in the past, I get a very downy face and while I don't mind a little bit of soft hair around the face I find it stops my foundations sitting well and I'd become extremely conscious of it over the last couple of years. I used the shaper for my top lip, around my jawline sweeping up towards my cheeks and a little around my chin and it is just so effortless. Not only is it quick, it's painless and leaves no irritation. It leaves my face feeling so smooth that it's lovely and refreshing to cleanse and moisturise after.

Lastly I just thought I'd do a little patch test with it everywhere else as my hair grows differently on each part of my body. This shaper had no issues taking off hair from my legs, bikini like or underarms so I was incredibly pleased. In comparison to some of the similar products I've been using it was just as successful at removing the hair but slightly softer on the skin. I've found a couple of other brands to be occasionally scratchy.

I'd highly recommend giving The Brow Shaper a try if you get a lot of hair growth around your eyebrows and are tired of the laborious task of plucking, or if you want to rid your cheeks of peach fuzz and keep the moustache at bay. I'm thinking of getting a couple more to pop in my male grooming kit for stray beard hairs on set.

You can grab yours HERE for a very reasonable price of just £7.49 and choose from a range of different colours.

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