Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Do I hate my new mascara?

I mentioned at the end of my last post that there was one more beauty item I didn't share from my TKMaxx expedition the other day. I figured this warranted a post of it's own because I knew I'd have a lot to say.

Today I'm talking about mascaras. I don't have very good natural eyelashes and I used to endlessly try different mascaras searching for one that would magically increase their fullness tenfold however in reality I always ended up with clumpy, spider lashes that smudged more and more throughout the day.

Eventually I stopped searching for a miracle product and decided to just find something I enjoyed and learn to embrace my short, sparse lashes. This was about five years ago when I became loyal to the Kat Von D mascara (which they may have now discontinued) until last year when I switched it up with Glossier Lash Slick. I found I enjoyed both of these for similar reasons, great wands, not too wet, lasts all day.

SO, my current Glossier mascara is running out and I happened to be in TKMaxx, it seemed like a good opportunity to try something new and grab a bargain at the same time. I don't know what I was thinking!?

I'd not heard of Sans Soucis before but they had a few different makeup items by the brand on display. This mascara was only £3.99 so worth a try I thought, not breaking the bank if I don't get on with it. Despite everything I said above I must admit I was a little excited by the claim "All in One 3D-Effect" yet I wasn't expecting anything too wondrous.

On first impressions, the packaging was pretty sleek, you can't really go wrong with all black and white. However I was a little put off by the wand, you can see what I'd been used to using with Glossier, but the new one was much fatter and in the past I've often found them to be a bit messy and harder to control.

BEFORE (Glossier): As you can see, I'm not rocking much in the way of eyelashes at all, but I was very happy with the formula of the Glossier mascara. I'd give them a quick curl and two coats of mascara and be done. If I was going out somewhere special I still had the option to add falsies so this was good enough for me.

AFTER (Sans Soucis): Now here is what I got from the Sans Soucis, I actually quite like the overall look. For a good comparison I curled and did two coats again, and I do like how much fuller my lashes look but I don't like how clumpy they are. The product is very wet and gloopy so a little harder to control, it coats the lashes a little too much. I've tried brushing them through with a lash comb and a dry spoolie but it didn't help to disperse the product at all.

My main issue however is how much it left on my skin throughout the day. In the cold weather we've been having I do sometimes get slightly watery eyes. I don't usually have a problem with my mascara but with this I was getting big patches printed under my eyes, not just smudges or small flakes, but rather large amounts. It wouldn't stay on my lashes but then come the end of the day it was so hard to remove. No matter what combination of removers I tried I'd feel like I'd got it all off then still find more in the morning.

To give it the benefit of the doubt, maybe it will get better with age, but I don't think I can give it much more of a chance, a makeup artist walking around with panda eyes isn't the greatest look.

Brb I'm off to place a Glossier order.

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