Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Beetlejuice but make it fashion?

Okay that title is a little misleading, there's nothing fashion about this post, I'm sticking to what I know over here these days so here's a new face of the day.

Yesterday I decided to buy my own domain, I've had this blog since 2012 it's about time I committed right? I'm slowly embarking on freshening it up, I say slowly because no matter how many tutorials I read nothing ever seems to go right when I'm dabbling with html. One of the things I did last night was to quickly re-write my About Me and Sponsorship pages, one had nothing on and the other was seriously out dated. In doing so I was trying to find some recent photos of me to include which is where I stumbled on my Halloween costume from last year. SO today I drew inspiration from that to create this makeup look. You couldn't be blamed for thinking I went as Beetlejuice right about now, I did not but pale skin, green hair, purple's face is rather reminiscent wouldn't you say?

Purple Eye Makeup Look Nude Lips Glam Beetlejuice

Purple Eye Makeup Look Nude Lips Glam Beetlejuice

Purple Eye Makeup Look Nude Lips Glam Beetlejuice

Maybe a tad dramatic for a regular hump day, or maybe as the owner of green hair I could get away with it? I'm definitely not brave enough to wear this out and about day to day but I'm not ruling it out entirely. I think something like this would be perfectly placed at a party or on a night out though I should probably have added some lashes because mine seem to have disappeared.

Makeup Kit Eyeshadow Palettes Urban Decay Violet Voss Rimmel Kat Von D

I'm not going to list what I use of my skin, brows and lashes in every post as this stays the same but here are the unique items added today for this look. The Urban Decay Electric palette which was gifted to me a couple of years back (though I was never asked to share it here or on social media), the Violet Voss The Rainbow palette, a Kat Von D blusher (which I can't find a link to anywhere) and Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick.

Makeup Kit Eyeshadow Palettes Urban Decay Violet Voss Rimmel Kat Von D

Here's a better look at the palettes and the shades I used. For the eyes I started with Jilted from the Urban Decay palette, I used this all over the lid and under the eye on the inner half. The rest was done using Violet Voss shades, first Violet on the outer half of the lid and up and around to form the crease, I also took this under my eye on the outer side. Indigo was used just to emphasise the crease further and a tiny bit worked into my lower lashes, then I finished with a dab of Pearl in the inner corners.

The Kat Von D blush is shade Porvida but again I couldn't find this or any other blushes available online. Maybe they're discontinued?

Then for lips I've used shade 45 from the Kate Nude Collection of Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks, this is such a gorgeous shade with a lovely sheen.

Makeup Swatches Eyeshadow Blusher Lipstick Purple Nude

Here's some quick swatches of all the products mentioned above, left to right we have the blush, UD Jilted, VV Violet, Indigo, Pearl and then the lipstick.

Both eyeshadow palettes made this look so effortless to apply, they're creamy and highly pigmented, blending nicely by themselves and with each other. I've had Urban Decay palettes with bright colours in the past that have had terrible payoff so the Electric Palette has really stepped things up for me. As I work mainly in prosthetics I don't get to use fun palettes very often so these are both a little neglected most of the time but I'm sure they'll be making another appearance on here soon enough at least.

Let me know what you think and whether you'd wear something like this out? Also if you have any great tips for blog design resources I need all the help I can get!

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