Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Berry nice indeed - glitter eyes

As I write this I'm sat in bed surrounded by medication and ice lolly wrappers, a second bout of tonsillitis in two months has got me high on the grumps scale and I'm feeling so far from the images I just took below.

I had a very clear idea of the look I wanted to do today, and quickly realised I am seriously lacking in berry shades in my kit. Not to be deterred I changed it up slightly and got the glitter out. I also placed a quick Boots order so I can revisit this colour palette again soon.

Berry Eye Shadow FOTD Glitter Makeup Look Nude Lips

Berry Eye Shadow FOTD Glitter Makeup Look Nude Lips

Berry Eye Shadow FOTD Glitter Makeup Look Nude Lips

I'd envisioned a very rich, striking berry eye makeup however I switched to something softer to work with the eyeshadows I had and added in a glitter with an aim to create something sparkly yet still wearable. Glitter gets it's fame at festivals every year but who says you can't work some into a regular night out?

Makeup Palettes MAC MAKE UP FOR EVER URBAN DECAY Makeup Kit Makeup Brushes
[Urban Decay Vice Lip Palette was gifted previously but I was not asked to feature it in a post or on social media.]

Today on my eyes I used a combination of MAC shades from a palette I built myself and a little from a brand called Laroc. I've no idea where this palette came from but I'm obsessed with the almost neon coral in the center. The colour payoff isn't spectacular however, it's just one of those random palettes I've acquired that sits in a drawer most of the time as a back up, it most definitely doesn't make it into my kit.

I used MAC shade Coppering as the entire base with the rosy pink from the Laroc palette over the top then a little MAC Deep Damson in the crease with Amber Lights and All That Glitters in the inner corner. Using a fluffy brush I blended out into the skin and tidied up with concealer.

I dusted on that gorgeous glitter over the top which is by Make Up For Ever and is one of their 30g Star Lit Glitters. Unfortunately it doesn't have a shade name or code but as you can see it's a gorgeous deep cherry. As I was going for soft and subtle I didn't use anything to hold the glitter on, I really just wanted a fine layer.

On my lips I used Carnal from the Urban Decay Vice lip palette. I love these lipsticks because they are so creamy and beautiful to apply but they also stay put a long time through eating, drinking and talking a mile a minute. I'm not big on lipsticks so when I do brave one it tends to be nude shades only, I'm trying to become more adventurous with my own makeup however.

I always struggle to find the best way to share what makeup I've used when working with palettes, what do you guys prefer? Annotated images or close ups on shades? Maybe numbered swatches? I'd love to hear!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous makeup look, that glitter is so so pretty. I really want to try more from Makeup Forever xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️