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AD // Dermaloch skincare review

Something that has definitely come with age is my love for skincare. As a teenager I found it an ordeal having to do anything more than simply wash my face. That's probably because it was better behaved back then, but nowadays I really enjoy trying different skincare products and taking a few minutes extra to look after that exterior-most layer of Jess.

Dermaloch is a brand I was unfamiliar with until they offered to send me a couple of products to try. They have been producing moisturisers for over 10 years, working with the self-healing principle of homeostasis - by providing the skin with a high supply of the nutrients it needs through natural oils and extracts. The products are all natural without the chemicals and additives you usually find in skincare. They're also able to boast being suitable on dermatitis, eczema and urticaria as well as all body types.

At first I was surprised to discover that Dermaloch only produce two products, but then I realised this gives them more time dedicated to developing those two to their full potential and that's something I'm a fan of, I feel like I'm in the safe hands of moisturiser specialists.

Rejuvaderm Cream: Works as an everyday moisturiser, suitable on the face and it claims to be fast absorbing and non-greasy.

Intensive Spray: Combines the benefits above with the added bonus of its spray on formula. Great for users who don't want to irritate problem skin by rubbing a cream in.

I always like to have a good look at the packaging when I first get a new product, I wouldn't say this one is particularly eye-catching or chic, but it also wouldn't put me off. In fact I think it's a good representative of the product inside, I see this and think of natural, soothing products that would be kind to my skin. The tube and spray bottle are nice and sturdy, the sizes are perfect for chucking in my toiletry bag and taking away at the weekends which is an important point for me.

I never like to rush a skincare review, unlike makeup I think you have to give it some time for your skin to get used to, so I've been using both of these for three weeks now. I had actually recently gotten my skin to a place I was happy with it which I'll be explaining in a separate post, but it seemed like a great time to be able to notice if these moisturisers had any major affect either way.

I say that I was happy with my skin, I'm talking about my face. My body has been another story and recently I've been suffering from some dry skin patches on my arms and back. I suspect it's from my boyfriend accidentally using biological washing powder but either way it had become quite persistent. I actually find moisturising my body quite a chore and often just completely forget to do it. Having a moisturiser I could spray on and leave has made my life so much easier and much to my surprise it's also really helped the dry skin. It's not completely cleared it up but it's close. One downside to this spray is that despite the mention of both products being fragrance free on the Dermaloch website, the spray has a very strong lemony smell and reminds me a little of dish soap. It doesn't seem to linger, but I've generally stuck to applying this before bed rather than in the mornings just in case I go out smelling like a lemon drizzle.

The cream however does not have any noticeable smell and again, I've really enjoyed using it. It isn't too thick, but also not too runny and does absorb into the skin relatively quickly. I've been using it morning and night and it hasn't caused any breakouts or other adverse effects. I've also not been using any of my other usual skincare routine during this trial so I was surprised how stable it's stayed. This is definitely a moisturiser I would think about sticking to because using one product every evening instead of three is a clear advantage.

You can buy directly from Dermaloch and both items are £10 a piece which I would say is a good price for these products. I've definitely paid a lot more in the past and not got on so well. You also do get a good amount of product with each, I reckon these would last me around 3 months.

Does anyone use any other spray on moisturisers because this has seriously impressed me, hashtag hands free EVERYTHING.

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