Monday, 7 January 2019

Tartelette eyeshadow palette from Tarte

I've just spent the whole weekend slightly distracted thinking about when I could get back to the blog, sad eh? I even bought a huge new notebook specially. Insert cry laugh emoji here. I feel like the time away has helped me re-discover why I used to love blogging and now it's once again an activity I can enjoy without obligation.

Today I wanted to share the next eyeshadow palette I've been enjoying, in fact I've used it pretty religiously since I got it.

Tartlette Amazonian Matte Palette by Tarte is a great staple palette if you're a regular user of matte eyeshadows, which I am. I very rarely wear shimmer unless it's an occasion and up until I bought Tartlette I'd pretty much lived off of the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette over the past few years.

This palette is so incredibly rich it's a pleasure to use, but with strong colours comes fallout so give those brushes a tap before touchdown. As you can see there's a gorgeous selection of neutral shades ranging from ever so light to the blackest black. (Had I known I'd come back to blogging I'd have photographed it new - sorry about that!)

You can see just how pigmented these eyeshadows are from the swatches above, its nice that even the lightest shades give you something to work with as some palettes don't have enough oomph I often find.

I've marked the shades I used for the makeup below in the previous two images and I absolutely adore the shade Best Friend which is what stands out the most. I love a taupey brown anyway but it can be unusual to find one with a berry tone to it.

I've gone heavier here than I would for every day wear but I love that this palette can be versatile in this way. I use lighter browns for day to day wear then something like this when I'm going out. Palettes that can do both are very precious to me because I don't like to carry a lot of my own makeup around, I lug too much makeup around at work to want to do it elsewhere as well. On the same note the palette itself is actually a really nice size, it's compact enough to fit in my regular makeup bags but big enough to give you a great sized mirror for touch ups on the go.

I feel I can't finish this post without remarking on how delicious the palette smells, it's like opening a fresh box of chocolates every time I do my makeup. I reckon I'll be using this palette for a long time to come. 

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