Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette

Happy hump day friends, how are we all finding the week so far? I don't have a lot of work on yet (self-employment woes) so I've been keeping myself busy working on some personal projects and later I'm going to go through my clothes because Marie Kondo has got in my head.

This is the last palette I wanted to share with you guys for now, the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette by Too Faced. I'm not usually one for cute or character based packaging on my makeup, I like everything to look as chic and professional as possible however there was one shade that jumped out at me and I decided to take a break from the norm.

What I really like about the packaging of this palette is that it is metal, it feels durable and means it will easily wipe clean. It's also a very compact size which is idea for personal makeup bags or travel. If I'm just staying away for a night out this is exactly the kind of size palette I'd want with me for getting ready, does anyone else feel slightly silly arriving at a hotel or friend's house with a huge bag when they're only going to be there one night?

This is the most recent of the three palettes I've been using recently and I actually managed to take a photo before I dove into it this time, almost like a real blogger. The mirror is decent enough for touch ups but I do love a full lid mirror. As you can see there is a selection of both matte and shimmer shades, all of which are quite regular natural shades until BAM Jelly. That was the shade I mentioned earlier, a shade I have never worn before and couldn't reaaaally imagine on me but I had to give it a go.

The colour pay off is good especially from the red/brown toned shades, even swatched like this I found it hard to imagine that purple shade working with the others.

Another nice thing about this palette is that Too Faced have provided a little booklet with some suggested looks and which shades to use to achieve them. It slots in over the mirror and is a nice idea especially as a gift. I decided to have a go at the bottom look so that I could try out that gorgeous purple, Jelly.

I actually ended up adding in an extra shade Jammin' to define the crease a little further and I was surprised to see it all works nicely together. Using the purple as a pop with neutral shades is key to having something wearable I reckon, I may even give this a go on a night out soon if I'm feeling brave. It's definitely a palette to push you outside your comfort zone and be a little more experimental but gently, surrounded by those familiar shades we use so often.

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  1. I love this! Ive never tried any of the Too Faced product but this palette looks lush!! You may have convinced me! Love the look you created too, as much as i love a colourful smoky eye i don't like it strong and you did it softly but so amazingly! I love your style girl xx