Thursday, 1 June 2017

Review: Trilogy skincare*

Summer is here, or at least that's what my increased bbq and beer intake tells me. So, lets chat skincare to keep our bodies smooth and our clothes to a minimum!

My experience of Trilogy as a brand has been very limited. Years ago I received one of their Rosehip Oils in a beauty box, which I very much enjoyed using, but once it was finished Trilogy sadly disappeared back into the beauty abyss.

When someone from Trilogy's marketing team offered to send me a few samples I jumped at the chance to be reunited with the brand that had blessed my skin so fleetingly. I must admit I was sent these goodies back in February but working away left this review hanging, though I hope the extended use will make it a little more informative.

I was sent this sweet, little drawstring bag with a small cleanser, moisturiser and balm. I'm a sucker for packaging as I'm sure I mention in every post, and also a glutton for makeup bags, and pouches...and well, just any small bag or container I can fill with things in the name of "organisation" and  throw into bigger bags to make me feel better about my chaotic life. TK Maxx is a dangerous game, but a game I will continue to play 'til they stop letting me in. So you can imagine the content look on my face when I opened this bad boy and images of storing hair pins and jewellery started whizzing through my head. But enough about the pouch...

I've always liked the Trilogy branding, it's sleek and simple enough for me to want whatever is inside, must be luxurious right? I'm not as keen on the tin, but that's down to personal preference, I'm not one for florals and the break away from the sophisticated look of it's buddies messes with my chi.

You've got to really like rosehip to want to slather these products all over yourself, I never think I'm one for strong scents but I do enjoy this one. It's an earthy floral that I associate with natural and herbal products which instantly feels like I'm doing my skin some good.

I enjoyed the cleanser because not only does it do a great job at breaking down the thick layer of foundation I'm wearing, it can also be used around the eyes. I only really got back into wash off cleansers in the last six months so this has been a pleasure to use. I like to massage it all over my face then remove with a Makeup Eraser cloth and warm water, not having to add an extra step to get rid of my mascara is a god send. As you'd want from any good cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling clear, and fresh - I wish my skin always looked as good as it does straight after a cleanse.

The moisturiser was lovely too, a slightly different scent combined with the rosehip base, I preferred this as a morning moisturiser as it's quite light and I favour thicker products overnight. Being light also means a little goes a long way checking that value for money tick box, as well as absorbing nice and quickly without leaving a residue on the skin.

Ironically after my branding comments, my favourite has to be the Everything Balm, I love a multipurpose product, (Paw-Paw and Homeoplasmine being my usual go to's), but Trilogy's version did not disappoint. Being more solid than the alternatives I mentioned it works by scooping out a little and warming it up on your skin. I mainly used it on my lips, around my nose and on some random patches of dry skin I'd been getting. It was nice and soothing and also appeared to be pretty fast acting. I also like to use products like this as a preventative measure as winter approaches, why spend time trying to heal cracked lips if you can avoid getting them in the first place. It might not always be the best look with a ton of balm smeared over your face in the day but I like to slather it on and sleep in it if I have any problem areas. This wonder product is good to use on face and body so get at it!

I'm rather prone to break outs and I've made peace with the fact that I'm not going to find a miracle product that will stop this, BUT I do tend to be a creature of habit with my skincare because I don't want to make it worse. I was happy to find none of these products increased my breakouts and just as important, made my skin feel good after use.

Now I don't know if these sample packs are available to buy anywhere but I've linked above to the full sized products. It has definitely re-opened my eyes to the power of Trilogy, and as a luxurious feeling brand without the boss level prices I'm definitely hoping to try a few more. My only advice would be to try and sample them in person if you know you are sensitive to strong scented products, but other than that, get it on ya!

If you're interested in learning a bit more about the rosehip oil Trilogy use for their products and why it is so beneficial for our skin do check out this infographic.

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