Thursday, 9 June 2016

IMATS London 2016 - Pro Kit Haul

Another trade show, another empty wallet. I've just spent three days at IMATS and it's left me equally inspired and exhausted.

I love the makeup trade shows not just for the shopping but also for the talks and demos. This year I got to hear a ton of incredible artists discussing their work and careers and also got to catch up with loads of friends and colleagues some who I'd never get to meet in person usually.

So after the UMAE haul the plan was to be restrained and only get the few things I really needed at IMATS. I had intended to do all my shopping at the pro night on the Friday then just go to talks all of Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately I found myself with half an hour spare on Sunday and did some more damage.

This haul probably isn't as exciting as my UMAE one unless you're into the FX side of makeup but I'll run through everything I got anyway.

PS Composites - I picked up a small bottle of Telesis 8 and the new remover, it's just been released and after seeing some great artists raving about it online I had to grab some to try. These glues are mega expensive but will hold an appliance on all day. I also picked up some large mixing sticks, a set of rasp tools and a couple of tubes of a one-part silicone that I sometimes use for painting other silicone pieces. There's also two nice, thin angled brushes you can hardly spot in the picture which I picked up at the counter when I went to pay, can never have enough of these for fine lines.

Neill's Materials - All I got from here was the pack of 6 silicone pigments, I have a lot of pigments already all by a brand called Mouldlife but not many in skin tones so this was a great find and was a great show price.

Tilt - I knew I wanted to stock up on some Pro-bondo and Tilt seemed to be the only place selling it, so I grabbed a big pot of that. I also raided their selection of Bluebird products which are alcohol based meaning that they're waterproof and also perfect for colouring prosthetic appliances.

bdellium - You may remember the FX brush set I got at UMAE, well I couldn't resist stopping by bdellium and grabbing their second set. I tend to use a lot of cheap brushes and paintbrushes for FX work as it doesn't matter if they get ruined but I'd decided to be brave and work with some nicer ones from now on.

Makeup Forever - I'd been wanting to try their brush cleaner for ages after an artist assisting me earlier this year told me it's great for spot cleaning as it dries so quickly...we shall see if it passes the test. I also bought three of the Aqua XL liners, my intention had been to stock up on Zoeva ones but these were such a lovely creamy consistency.

PAM - I told myself not to get anything else from Le Maq Pro for a while but I fell in love with their highlighter palette which I'd never seen before, the shades are so striking and I am very excited to use it now. I also picked up their FX palette while I was there because I get annoyed lugging grease palettes about for small things with all the pans popping out as I travel, these will do the job nicely in these situations.

GURU - At Guru I bought the Makeup Forever brush tube which was another thing recommended to me by that same artist, she was full of great ideas. It's a really nice shape and though I'm not entirely sure which brushes will go where I can never get enough things like this as I'm always swapping my kit around depending on the job. I also grabbed a couple more Vueset palettes, one of the small Makeup Forever magnetic palettes and a RCMA transparent powder.

Crown Brush - I picked out a selection of their affordable brushes to update my face and body painting kit. Some of mine were getting to be a little worse for wear and I always find I lack in fluffy brushes in this kit.

Love Makeup - Last but not least, although I bought a brush tube from Nanshy recently but when I saw Love selling these Monda ones for a tenner I had to have one. In fact maybe I should have gotten more. Again I'm not sure which brushes will end up in here but it will no doubt come in handy.

The awesome Bluebird products I picked up for making actors look sunburnt and dirty. The bottom two tubes are actually concealers which are fantastic for tattoo cover as once on, they don't budge. As all of these products are alcohol based they have to be cleaned off with proper removers.

Isn't it beautiful, I love that rose gold shade SO much, and although my work doesn't call for using highlighters on a regular basis I'm gonna really enjoy using these when it does. It's tempting to book in some beauty tests just to have a play.

I also wanted to share the free gifts I was given due to being a gold pro card holder. Guru was kind enough to give me the two Makeup Forever bags, which are really great quality and feel nice and luxurious, I actually started using them straight away. bdellium gave me the two packs of angled liners which are apparently the same quality as their other brushes so not disposable, which I'm sure will come in handy. Tilt popped in a pizza wedge which I have a couple of from them already and are always useful. Lastly, Makeup Forever threw in another aqua liner in this lovely teal shade.

Not bad really, but I mustn't buy any more makeup for a while after these two events. I am excited to get using all my new bits in some upcoming jobs now, it's always nice to freshen up my kit and new products forces me to experiment slightly which is always fun.

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