Monday, 9 May 2016

United Makeup Artists Expo 2016 - Pro Kit Haul

You probably didn't think you'd hear from me again, but I'm back!! I've just finished a nice little stint of work ending it by assisting Stuart Bray at UMAE this weekend just gone. What better way to ease myself back in to blogging than with a product haul.

I did a similar post a year ago and that trip was equally as damaging to my bank balance as this one was. I did however pretty much stick to essentials only this time, these are all things that will get a lot of use but aren't the most glamorous of products to anyone not interested in special effects.

PPI - The place I always get most excited to visit at the trade shows because I can stock up on their amazing alcohol activated palettes at a big discount. I grabbed four this year, you can see I already labeled and used two during demos at the show on the Sunday. From there I also picked up one of their Glazing Gels in Bruise red and a bottle of Glazing Gel Mover to try.

PS Composites - I'm sure most of you have heard of bdellium, I love their regular brushes but their FX range is also fantastic. I have a few I bought a couple of years ago but I decided to get their full set as well to update my fx kit slightly. These came with the pouch underneath in the image which is always something that comes in handy. I also found them selling packs of scalpel handles and blades ridiculously cheap which is something I use a lot and always loose.

PAM - Probably my favourite UK makeup store, I popped by to see what they had on their stand and grabbed a couple of clear pouches, the empty magnetic Makeup Forever palette a new bottle of Maekup's Probondo sealer and very exciting..something for myself, the Makeup Forever HD foundation, I was surprised they had a shade light enough for me so I'm looking forward to giving that a go.

Screenface - I've been using the same set bag for a year and it's taken an absolute beating, so I upgraded to something a tiny bit bigger by Get Set Go, it's pretty deep so the clear PAM bags are to live inside it for any small bits and pieces.

Banbury Postiche - Last but not least I got these two huge boxes of matte hair grips which I'm always loosing to actors who go home with them still in their hair, I was very pleased to spot these and stock up while they were a little cheaper.

Other than the shopping, the show was an absolutely brilliant time, I really enjoyed working it this year, catching up with old faces and new, especially those I've know online for some time but never gotten to meet in person. The work that was being created in demos was incredible, it's always inspiring to see so many amazing artists in one place and leaves me raring to dive into my next projects.

I'll leave you with links to all of the stores and brands above:

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