Sunday, 29 May 2016

Pro Makeup Kit Organisation With Vueset

You can usually spot the makeup department arriving on set because they'll be laden down with cases and bags weighing half their body weight and are generally more kit than person. I may love my job but my back doesn't, so I'm always trying to keep things as light and compact as possible.

One great way of saving space is by depotting what you can into palettes. I've tried a wide range of different palettes in the past but a couple of years ago I found some new favourites which I still swear by, hello Vueset.

I recently stocked up on a few more so I could transfer all my Le Maq Pro fard creams into the superior, sturdy Vueset palettes. The Tahiti palette has 24 spaces and is the perfect size for lipsticks or smaller amounts of other cream products, like the mini Le Maq Pro palettes whilst the Viking Jack palette is better for larger amounts such as foundations or blushers.

As you can see I still have some space in my corrector and lighter skin tones palette and I can't wait to get them filled, it bugs me that there's empty sections.

I labeled all my Le Maq Pro palettes with individual shade numbers on the bottom which I did in Sharpie with a swipe of clear nail varnish over the top to stop it rubbing off. What's really annoying is that I never did that with my lipsticks, thinking I would remember the brands...of course I don't anymore. Everything is being labeled in the future!

I find it really satisfying having everything in the same size palettes so they can be stacked and easily packed into cases. Being entirely transparent makes it easy to find the product I want quickly for both myself and those working with me. I remember when MAC eventually changed their palettes to have transparent lids and suddenly shoots became a lot more efficient, it makes so much more sense.

Vueset also do a few other styles of palettes and they can be bought from a few different stores such as PAM, (who I've linked to above) TILT and Love Makeup. They're generally between £10 and £12 which I find reasonable, though I'm going to try and grab some discounted ones at IMATS this year.

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