Friday, 3 October 2014

What's in my everyday makeup bag?

I have a very solid regime for my everyday makeup, if I've got more time than usual or am feeling like I need to do something different I may add a brown smokey eye but in general if I have work or a casual day out I will always wear the same thing.

This does make life easier on the whole, I can keep the same products I know I will always need in one makeup bag and throw it in with the rest of my stuff when I'm heading out.

Pug makeup bag, beauty bag, toiletry bag, wash bag, dog, pet, cute
This is the makeup bag I'm currently using, it was a Christmas present last year and although isn't the kind of thing I would have picked myself, it's the perfect size. I also like that it has the plastic finish so it can be wiped clean.

It JUST fits all the items below so if I'm going away for more than the day I have to switch up to something bigger or bring a second bag with any moisturisers, primers and removers.

Foundation, concealer, powder, makeup brushes
You'll notice that my own personal makeup gets quite bashed around, I'm everso careful at keeping my professional kit clean and sanitised but seemingly that doesn't extend to the things I put on my own face.
1. This concealer palette contains all the shades I need and I do use them all! It's by the French brand MaqPro (or Le Maquillage Professional) and is wax based. I use a lot of their concealers and foundations in my pro kit and I generally reach for them over any other brand. They have a wide range of different palettes like this to cater for everyone as well as lip and more creative colours.
2. Keromask Masking Cream is a camouflage concealer so is really heavy duty. I only use this when my skin is bad like now and I need something slightly higher coverage. I just mix a drop in with my foundation.
3. This is just a standard flat brush which I use for applying my concealer. It's by Ben Nye and can be purchased from ScreenFace makeup store.
4. The current brush I'm loving for applying my base is this Round Buffer Brush* by Nanshy, I've reviewed this and a ton of their other brushes in the past here and here. I love this brush and have used it for ages now, I would liken it to the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
5. I used to go through pressed power like it was going out of fashion but these days I only use it very lightly to set my makeup. This is the Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder in shade 115 as I'm super pale.
6. My wonderful Dainty Doll foundation has nearly run out, I'd been stockpiling this stuff when I found out it was being discontinued but alas this is now my last tube. I find it so hard to find foundation light enough so I'm gutted this range has gone now.
7. This is the Real Techniques Folding Kabuki brush* which was actually sent to me ages ago when one of their brushes I'd bought turned out to be faulty. I didn't use this for the longest time but nowadays it's the perfect one for applying my powder.

Makeup for contouring, blusher, face makeup brushes, lips, lip stain
1. I can't even remember how long I've been using this blusher, it's by Ben Nye in shade Natural Blush and is a really subtle coral-pink.
2. I use the Real Techniques buffing blush with my blusher, I love that this brush works wonders with both powder and cream products.
3. My go to lip product is this YSL Glossy Stain in shade 12 (Pink Coral) you can apply it as lightly or heavily as you desire but I tend to use it as more of a wash for just a hint of colour.
4. This is the product I use for contour, it's actually an Illamasqua eyeshadow in shade Heroine. This was recommended to me by one of their makeup artists as it's the perfect contour shade for pale skin being that it is a cool, taupe tone rather than a warmer brown.
5. Then for applying my contour I use another Real Techniques brush, this one is the Contour Brush which comes in the Core Collection alongside the Buffing brush and a couple of other favourite brushes of mine.

Makeup for eyes and brows, makeup brushes and tools
1. My brow palette looks a little worse for wear, I know. The hinge on the lid is broken and the lightest shade is missing, but it's okay because I only actually use the taupe shade for my brows. I add just a little of this after step one...
2. ...and step one involves this bad boy. My Cosmetics a la Carte brow ink* in the shade Taupe. I reviewed it here and have used it ever since, I absolutely love this product and will be so sad when it runs out!
3. After the first two brow products I set them with the Illamasqua brow gel which is clear, I've found in the past some brow gels can leave a slightly sticky residue and this doesn't which I'm very happy about.
4. The Nanshy Angled Brush* is what I use for applying the brow powder. I've always found angled brushes easier for brows than anything else.
5. I tend to use this brow brush by Ben Nye if I've applied the ink or powder a little too heavy in any places, just to make sure it's all blended nicely.
6. This is a Kryolan water-based eyeliner cake. I used to use Mac or Illamasqua gel eyeliners but have been completely converted ever since trying this a few years ago and it's a product I will always repurchase.
7. To apply my eyeliner I just use a basic thin tipped brush by Ben Nye, I have a ton of these in my kit by different brands and as long as the bristles don't start to separate they all do the job perfectly.
8. Another Cosmetics a la Carte product, the Divine Lash Mascara* and I am also in love with this. The brush is sturdy but not too fat and the mascara doesn't flake or smudge.
9. I always have a pair of tweezers in the bottom of my makeup bag just incase, these are Henry Holland that I got in a gift set one Christmas.
10. For my waterline I use a MAC Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Definitely Black which is nice and creamy without being overly smudgy.
11. Lastly my heated eyelash curlers by No7, I find these so much easier and less damaging than mechanical curlers and I have a second pair in my kit because they're a lot safer to use on other people.

Phew, this post turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be but I hope it was at least slightly interesting? Although the post has already gone live I am going to try and do an edit later tonight and add in links for all of the products I have mentioned.


  1. I can't lie. Your makeup bag is actually my favorite thing from your products. Pugs. Just too darn cute. :] // ☼ ☯

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  3. Oh u have a little , cute bag with pugs. Ohh I'm totally fall in love with it :)


  4. Your makeup bag is so cute. The concealer palette looks amazing!


  5. I have that makeup bag too!
    I had a slight obsession with Pugs and got so many pug related gifts!
    But the plastic finish is so easy to clean like you said! very handy

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