Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween Makeup: girl from The Exorcist

I've been wanting to recreate some popular movie characters and finally settled our possessed friend in The Exorcist, a classic. To give the makeup a little more scope I drew my inspiration from both the original film and Exorcist: The Beginning.

Girl from the Exorcist Halloween makeup tutorial, SFX, Horror

Girl from the Exorcist Halloween makeup tutorial, SFX, Horror

Girl from the Exorcist Halloween makeup tutorial, SFX, Horror
This may look complicated but is actually a really simple one and it didn't requite a whole load of different products.

- I began by pasting my brows down with a glue stick then mixed up some silicone and applied the first half of the wounds with a metal spatula. I only did half of them at first because I didn't want it to cure before I had time to get them perfect. I made these by applying a line of silicone first then using the thin edge of the spatula I drew the gash down the middle. Then I could smooth out the edges and add a little texture using a stipple sponge. Once I'd got that far I did exactly the same for the rest of the wounds. Then just before the silicone had set I used a cotton bud dipped in 99% alcohol to smooth down the edges a little more.

- I did the wounds first because the silicone sticks better to bare skin, then I applied my base over the top of everything. For this I mixed some of my white foundation by Illamasqua with a little light green greasepaint and applied with a stippling brush. The brows always need a little extra.

- Using a light grey I began shading around my eyes, the hollows of my cheeks and my temples, I also added some to my lips and then took a slightly darker shade in for more intensity.

- Next I used alcohol paints to colour the wounds as they work best on silicone, however they've very expensive so greasepaints would be a good alternative. I used a deep red inside the cuts then a very diluted shade around the edges. I also added some black to any areas I wanted more depth. If you wanted to dilute your greasepaints just simply scrape a little out and mix it with either alcohol or moisturiser to the transparency required.

- Continuing with the alcohol paints I used the black to outline the brow, eye bag and laughter line details, then shaded within these with a dark grey greasepaint.

- Lastly I used a red greasepaint under my eyes and added a bit to my lips with a little more grey.

- Pritt Stick glue
- Mouldlife Sculpt Gel
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation
- Kryolan Supracolour greasepaints
- PPI Illustrator FX palette

This is definitely a tutorial that will be easiest understood by watching the video below, but if you have any questions about how to achieve it just give me a shout. I hope you like it!

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