Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween makeup: creepy clown

I want to start by saying this was the most involved Halloween makeup I've done so far, not because of the subject matter but because I decided to film it and pop it on YouTube as well, due to several requests. If you make it to the end of the post I have embedded the video there.

Like a couple of my previous tutorials, creepy clowns are another obvious choice for Halloween. Bizarrely quite a lot of people have a deep seated fear of clowns, and other just find them slightly unsettling, well on the dark night of Halloween this is what you want.

I did a few clowns last year which looking back at now are majorly embarrassing, so I definitely wanted to redeem myself by redoing the clown makeup this year, and this is what I came up with.

Halloween Creepy Clown Makeup Tutorial

Halloween creepy clown tutorial

- I started the look by blocking out my eyebrows as always using glue stick, but to make this a little smoother this time I also added some fx wax over the top smoothing this down with a metal spatula.

- I used a white foundation for the base, I know I warned everyone off white bases in a previous post but it felt necessary for a clown.

- I took reddish and purple powder eye shadows all around my eyes and over where my brows would be, using a darker shade to contour the bridge of my nose.

- The other details around my eyes were done with water-based paints and then I dripped plain water on top of what I'd laid down so it ran down my face and streaked.

- The scars from the lips were first drawn out with red and black greasepaints, I then layered Rigid Collodian over the top to make the skin indented. This seems like a miracle product but it's actually pretty nasty stuff so make sure you get advice on the best ways to use it before slapping it all over your face. I also used more of the greasepaints on my lips.

- I painted my nose with water-based paint again then dabbed on some fake blood, eventually taking this right down to my chin, dripping and smudging it with my finger. This left it bright red so I mixed up a darker red in water-based paints to give the blood some depth and just mottled that in with the existing blood.

- Lastly I popped on this ridiculous wig (which I've actually worn out to be a clown years ago) and the look was done!

What I used:
- glue stick
- Ben Nye wax
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation
- Ferne Cotton eye shadow
- Kryolan Supracolours (greasepaint)
- Kryolan Aquacolours (water-based paints)
- Kryolan Rigid Collodian
- Maekup Clotting Blood

I'd be so grateful if you could give the video a quick look and let me know what you think. I found it easiest to work and not talk through it, hence the annotations. From public demos in the past I've learned I struggle doing both at once.


  1. Wow! This looks great well done!! Xx

  2. I loved this!

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