Friday, 25 April 2014

Moyra nail varnish review

Moyra is a brand I had never heard of before so I didn't know what to expect from their nail varnishes. As far as I can tell Moyra is a European brand working on launching their UK website but currently operating through their Facebook page. They have an extremely wide range of shades including special finishes such as matte, suede and sand effects. I was sent three random ones to try out, a metallic green, a pink glitter, and a holographic style blue.

No. 71* // No. 254* // No. 96*

When I first opened the package I was happy to find decent sized 12ml bottles but not quite as excited about the shades, which aren't ones I would personally pick. However I'll give anything a chance once and have been giving each shade a go over the following week.

Here you can see how each shade looks on the nail, I actually took this photo after only one coat because I was so impressed with the coverage and strength of the colours. I probably applied the glitter a little thicker than usual for one coat to make sure the nail was covered but with the two other shades I only needed a quick sweep over the nail. Of course with only one coat you're going to find the varnish chips more easily so I followed up with a second coat after this.

I've been pleasantly surprised with the staying power of all three varnishes, they don't chip any easier than other brands I've tried and believe me my nails get ruined so easily it's a miracle if paint lasts a day unharmed, but I got a few days out of these. I've warmed to the shades too and although I didn't like the blue at all in the bottle, it's absolutely gorgeous on. The photo doesn't do it justice, there's tiny coloured flecks in it that create the holographic effect when the light catches the nail. I also should mention, my biggest nail varnish gripe is probably bad brushes, but these have really great ones which made application nice and easy!

What's most impressive about these varnishes is the prices which all seem to be roughly £3, an insane bargain considering the quality of the products. With affordable brands like this popping up I can say goodbye to paying out on my nails. 

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  1. Oh my days the price is insane for the quality! Definitely need to pick some of those up, thanks for the review :)