Saturday, 22 March 2014

Jess' top beauty tips: Makeup

A recent Twitter chat got me thinking about a new series for the blog in which I share some of my favourite beauty tips on makeup, skincare and hair. Kicking off the first edition with my favourote topic to natter on about - makeup.

- The best way to achieve a flawless base lies more with skincare than your foundation. You can slap on as much as you like to smooth out your skin, but it'll show. Keep on top of your skincare game and you'll find your foundation looks better than ever and you'll need less of it.

- On the subject of bases, if you're happy with the shade of your foundation but want something more sheer, mix in some moisturiser for a more natural, dewy complexion. I rarely buy tinted moisturiser and instead opt for making my own.

- If you have a really limited space for taking makeup out with you, mascara can double for eyeliner. Bring a thin brush along and depot a little mascara from the wand onto your hand then apply as any normal gel liner. You'll all have heard of using lipstick as creme blush etc but this is another good space saving trick to remember.

- If you have trouble creating defined lips and brows, do the best you can then create sharp lines using concealer around the edges. Make sure you blend out into your base however so you don't create bright rings around your features.

- There's plenty of great homemade lip scrub recipes on the internet, but another good exfoliating method is to use a toothbrush with your chosen product for extra efficiency. A baby toothbrush is the perfect size for this.

- For those of you who love a big smokey eye but don't like applying it before your base, pat plenty of loose translucent powder under your eyes and on the top of your cheeks. This catches all the fallout then when you're done it all brushes away without leaving horrible, dark smudges.

- On a similar vein, if you find it hard to apply mascara to your bottom lashes without making a mess, try using a plastic spoon as a barrier between the lashes and the skin. You can also try using a business card on the top lid for the same purpose.

- Slightly off tangent but you'll see how I made the connection, if you suffer from particularly puffy eyes in the morning, start keeping a metal teaspoon in your fridge and hold it gently on each eye for a quick refresh. Takes the redness and puffyness down and you may find you need less under eye concealer because of it.

- You probably know you should replace your mascara about every three months, but if yours has started to dry up quicker you can add a couple of drops of eye drops to soften it all back up after a brief stir. When your mascara finally does bite the dust throw away everything except the wand, especially if it's one you've really liked. Then when you get a new one, if the wand isn't as great you can still use the old one. It's also always handy to have spares and using them for other things such as combing through eyebrows or taming fly away hairs.

I hope you enjoyed my top makeup tips, how many of them have your tried or heard of before? I apologise for the photo : writing ratio in these posts but hopefully you made it through without the distraction of pretty pictures. I'd be really interested to get some feedback on my first beauty tip post in the comments if you have the time!

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