Tuesday, 28 January 2014

NOTD: The New Black - Miami Vice

Last week the lovely Clare from Tweet sent me a couple of beauty samples to try out and I wanted to share what I thought with you guys! One of the items was this nail polish duo by The New Black - a brand I'd not heard of before.

On first impressions I was super excited about the colours as I'm partial to the coral/gold combo despite lacking anything pairing these shades. The packaging is simple but modern and nice and compact! I do hate seeing small products boxed in elaborate packaging, you can make things just as pretty without the wastage guys!

When I got the bottles out of the box I found the brand was printed on the side in a big, bold, black font, which I also really like. Even the name Miami vice seems wholly appropriate for these colours.

(I apologise for these last images, it seems I find it impossible to take good photos of my nails.)

The bottles contain roughly 3.5ml of product so a little smaller than a regular nail polish and something about the design screamed fashion brand to me. I had it in my head they would either be terrible or fantastic and fortunately it was the latter.

For a very reasonably priced product ($10) the quality really surprised me. I only needed two coats, which was impressive especially with the glitter polish, the brushes are a good size and shape and the product applied very nicely. They also dried pretty quickly, and that in particular is always a key thing I look for in nail polishes because I'm so darn impatient.

I'm also really pleased with these because although they go so nicely together, I love both individual polishes as well and have a lot of other shades I could combine these with if I fancy something different. As you can see in this last image I did one hand with the glitter on top of the coral and the other with each nail painted just one colour and I think both options are really pretty.

I wasn't able to track down very many places to buy The New Black in the UK but I did find this site Mise Beauty which sells this set but also a ton of different ones. The duos are sold for £11.95 on Mise Beauty so not as cheap as on the US site but still pretty good value for a quality product. 

Let me know what you think of these shades and any suggestions of how else to use them together, or what you think of The New Black if you've had the pleasure of trying any of their products.