Friday, 31 January 2014

Nanshy Makeup Brushes: part 2

So now that I have had plenty of time to get used to my Nanshy brushes and use them both for personal use and at work I can go into a bit more detail in this part of the review. First off here are a couple of looks I created with the brushes, the only non-Nanshy brush I used was a lip brush.

I've found that I've continued to enjoy using the Nanshy brushes as much as when I first tried them. Sometimes I worry first impressions are unconsciously based on excitement in part, which is why I like to have a good play with products before a proper review. However as I just said, these have remained a pleasure to use. They are just so soft and apply makeup so flawlessly showing no sign of shedding bristles whatsoever.

I've now tried every brush I was sent and there are definitely some I favour over others but surprisingly there isn't a brush I dislike. Below I've done a mini review of all twelve.

1 - A great face brush, really firm bristles for applying foundation, cream or liquid.
2 - My favourite of all the face brushes, this is the one I've adopted for my own base every day. The            domed bristles make it really easy to buff foundation into every nook and cranny.
3 - I'm really liking this for heavy contouring, nice and easy to sweep colour into the hollows of your          cheeks and the shape enables beautiful blending.
4 - I've found I like this brush for foundation around the eyes and nose area or less extreme contouring        when I just want a touch of shadow.
5 - Very similar to the first brush really, I don't find that the angle makes much of a difference but nice         to have an extra option.
6 - I love bent eyeliner brushes big time, especially for using on other people. I've used this for lining in      all manner of ways with both water based liner and gel liners, nice and fine so works a charm.
7 - My favourite kind of brow brush, thought it is soooo fine it's a little tricky to pick up a lot of powder      at once, however really nice for precision and sharp angles so worth the extra working time.
8 - A great one for patting on some powder definition along the lash lines which is all I've used it for so      far.
9/10 - Gorgeous, fluffy eyeshadow brushes that pick up the right amount of powder and are easy to                 work that into the skin with. I use these mainly on the lid and in the crease.
11/12 - These bigger, fluffier blending brushes I then use to soften any smokey eye looks or just blend                out my eye shadow in general. Super soft, I love these!

I don't really have any criticisms of either the brush sets. As far as variety I think the eye set wins and also provides you pretty much all the brushes you could need. With the face set, all of these brushes are really useful for me in my line of work but I'm not sure if an everyday customer would need every single one. It's great that each of the brushes can also be bought individually so for personal use you can build your own sets with just the brushes you need. However if you're a bit of a brush fanatic like probably won't be able to choose and you'll NEED these sets. When I think of face brushes I also think of blusher and powder brushes so they would also make nice additions.

I'm so pleased to have been given the opportunity to try Nanshy brushes because they really have made my life a lot easier and I can see myself using these for a long time. I've already had several enquiries and compliments on them from other makeup artists who have seen the gorgeous pearl handles sticking out of my brush belt.

Let me know what you think of each of these sets and which you think you'd go for!


  1. I would go for face brush set.

  2. I think I would get more use out of the face brush set.

    Ray | Obey Ray

  3. I love your eyebrows!
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  4. I rarely use proper brushes for what I'm doing with my makeup - it helps a lot having a post set out saying what brush is for what product!! Thankyou for sharing :) x

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