Monday, 23 December 2013

Xtras Hair Extensions: part 1

My hair is something I really don't pay enough attention to, I've longed for lovely, long locks for years but it just doesn't want to grow much further than my shoulders so I give up and leave it to it. I'd never really contemplated extensions before, I wasn't convinced they'd ever pass for the real thing and figured I was just destined for annoying length hair forever. When I was contacted by Xtras I almost bit Zoe's hand off at the offer of testing some of their human hair extensions.

I went for the 20" Deluxe Double Wefted extensions in Chestnut brown* which are an almost perfect match for the colour I usually dye my hair. I chose the longest length available with dreams of mermaid hair, but figured I could then easily cut them down if they were too long.

This is my natural hair and then my hair with the extensions in, as you can see they are super long, so long I didn't even get them all in the photo. They are clip in which makes them very easy to put in and out as well as being able to wear as many or few wefts as required. The hair can be washed and heat styled just like normal hair which is obviously a really important factor.

Having such fine hair, I was worried the clips would create lumps and be really obvious but this doesn't seem to be the case, I've also discovered you don't need to be too delicate when brushing and styling the extensions, once the clips are secure they can withstand a lot. The extra weight of all this hair was the only thing that took some getting used to, which is to be expected, but now I don't even notice they're in.

For my first experience with hair extensions, I am really impressed, much more than I expected to be, and I'm enjoying the option of having long hair! I'll be posting part 2 soon in which I'll share some of my favourite ways to style long hair.


  1. I have hair extensions but rarely wear them, after your post think I just might :) x