Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Makeup Monday: MAC + Rick Baker

It's not often I write about makeup products without having tested them out first, equally it's not very often I get excited about a MAC collection, however they've now released their makeup collaboration with Rick Baker and I want it all!!

This is a collection perfect for the halloween fiends and fans of super creative makeup, the colors give a definite nod to old skool monster movies (duh!) and the two eyeshadow palettes are particularly nostalgic when thinking back on Rick Baker's work. It's no surprise these are already sold out online.

I absolutely love that MAC have come up with this collaboration to really pay homage to one of the masters of makeup that may not receive as much recognition as he deserves from the average shopper. Rick Baker is a legend and one of the reasons I first became excited about special effects makeup so I'm desperate to get my grubby mitts on one of the eyeshadow palettes at least!

What do you think of this latest collaboration and will you be purchasing any of it? I'd love to hear if you were a fan of Baker's work already, lets have a lil geek out!!

1 comment:

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