Saturday, 27 July 2013

I love: Graphic eyeliner

I've been seeing so many wonderful examples of graphic eyeliner recently, it's a makeup trend I'm really enjoying and excited to see everyone embracing. There are no rules in this game, you can create whatever shapes suit your eyes, using whatever colours compliment you best and go as wild or as subtle as your heart desires. To me this current love for graphic liner has really made makeup edgy again which is very much my working aesthetic. Romantic, soft looks are always gorgeous but it's the edgy, creative ones which I find the most fun.

I decided to have a quick play with the idea of graphic liner myself, using two new products I've bought in the last month. I wanted to frame the eye with a strong, black shape and add just a slight pop of colour around the outside. It's relatively easy to create as long as you have a steady hand to make those sharp, crisp edges. It always helps to tidy up the lines with a dab of concealer on a fine, flat brush. (Ignore my terrible eyebrows, I'm experimenting with a softer shape)

Nars soft touch shadow pencil and Illamasqua precision gel liner
These are the two products I used, the NARS soft touch shadow pencil in Celebrate that I bought at IMATS and this Illamasqua precision gel liner I bought on our visit last week. I really like both of these products, I've used the liner a few times since getting it and it was mainly just to replace my finished MAC fluidline but I've got to say, I think I prefer this. It is creamier so easier to apply but dries to the same matte finish and does not smudge. The NARS pencil is also very creamy, not amazingly pigmented but I think this is due to the colour and if I wanted it to be really strong I would use it on top of a similar coloured base.

Despite my love for this look, I don't think I'd be brave enough to sport something so avant garde myself, I'm everso boring with my own makeup, but I hope to get to try out some variations of this on a photoshoot soon! What do you think of graphic liner? Have you been sporting some yourself?


  1. Amazing eye look, love the nars colour! x

  2. This is so cool, I'm definitely not brave enough to pull this off though. I can't believe how black the Illamasqua is, so pigmented!!

  3. That NARS pencil looks really nice, i need to try and experiment more with eye make up - I didn't know you could get shadow pencils. I also want the gel liner now too! x

  4. This sounds pretty awesome and that make up look! Wowsa! Was never really too sure about this before, as I’d heard of it but was a bit... meh before, but will be grabbing it now you recommended it, definitely going to try it out. x
    Heroine In Heels

  5. definitely daring but awesome! :)