Friday, 21 June 2013

Makeup imports

Hello? Is anyone out there? I'm sorry my blog posts are becoming oh so few and far between, makeup school is proving very intense and in the evenings if I'm not catching up on other work I'm staring at the telly in an exhausted daze.

I'm currently getting prepared for IMATS tomorrow and Sunday, I'll be there modelling for one of my tutors Shaunna Harrison who will be doing a special effects demo on me for makeup store P.A.M. Whilst daydreaming about all the pretty makeup I will be around I remembered I never did share with you the few goodies I got the Mothership to grab for me on her latest trip over to Canada.

These were the four items I asked her to seek out for me this time and now I've had about a month to play with them I feel I can give you an accurate review of each thing.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain (Flirty Nude) - I had one of these years ago and was very much in love with it, I found it nicely pigmented, long lasting and it even tasted great. However the product itself ran out quite quickly and I wasn't sure if this was normal or I had a duff one. I chose a different shade this time and already I can see a big difference, it is much wetter (for want of a better word) than the last one ever was and amazingly is even more pigmented and lasts even longer. So pigmented in fact that to keep a natural look I have only been applying it to my bottom lip and then transferring that to my top. This is such an easy to apply, handy lip product to carry around, for me I especially like products like this during the day when I feel like lipstick is a bit too heavy.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation (Ivory) - Forever on the search for the perfect foundation shade I thought I better give this one a go. I have tried various Covergirl foundations before and have some in my kit for use on clients however I've always found the lightest shades too dark for me, of course. With this I was pleasantly surprised, it is still that teeny shade too dark but the skin tone matches, I am very much pink toned and need to avoid anything too yellow, so this is great and if I'm feeling particularly pale I will mix it down with a white foundation then warm up other areas of my face with a bronzer. The consistency of this foundation is great and a little goes a long way which I always like with money being tight. I also appreciate that when I have it on and touch my face it feels like skin and not makeup.

Covergirl LashPerfection Mascara (Very Black) - I am an absolutely massive fan of Covergirl mascara, if we had the brand over here it is all I would ever use. I have tried loads of different CG mascaras and they never disappoint. The formulas obviously really work for my lashes but more than anything the wands are brilliant. I have taken to keeping the wands when I'm done with the mascara so I can still use them with other brands. This mascara is no difference, very very happy.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner (Blackest Black) - This is a product I have heard so much about, mainly through Claire (YouTuber extraordinaire) and have been dying to try for such a long time. I was so relieved to find it was sold in Canada as well and finally I have one of my own. I was so excited I expected it to be a bit of a let down, it isn't quite the miracle product I hoped for but bloomin' close! It has a felt nib which I have never got on with in the past, but this one works nicely, the product applies so easily and smoothly giving sharp, crisp lines. The only gripe I have is it's staying power but I suspect this is more to do with me than the product. I am always hot which means eye makeup does smudge relatively easy, I also have quite sensitive eyes to wind or sun...any weather, so blinking a lot also moves my eye makeup around. If I am winging this liner out I have taken to running a line of Kryolan eyeliner over the top just to reinforce it, but for just a sweep of the Milani on my lash line it doesn't tend to budge.

I hope this was an interesting read, I know I always like to learn about the products we can't get here! I'm now off to stuff my face, find clothes for the morning and head to bed as I have to be up before 6am. Eeek!! If you're at IMATS tomorrow be sure to keep an eye out for me and say hi if you spot me getting made up. Drop me a tweet if you're going so I can look out for you too.

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