Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Butter London

This blog post should come with an excitement warning, because I am so in love with the products I'm going to talk about today. I'd been hearing about Butter London for quite a while, I'd seen their nail polishes featured on other blogs and in magazines but I had no idea where I could buy them, let alone had the chance to swatch any.

When I was offered a few products to review I couldn't have been more delighted, from past browsing sessions of the website I knew they had an insane selection of shades and so many of which I had lusted after for ages.

 Nail polishes: Gobsmacked* // Rosie Lee* // Chimney Sweep* 

I decided to choose two grey shades of nail polish as they tend to go with most outfits and occasions and grey is also my favourite colour. (it's a tone I know) I also couldn't resist this rose gold glitter, a shade I have absolutely nothing like in my collection. I also chose a couple of their lipsticks, choosing what looked like the strongest shades, the black and bright red. I knew these would be perfect additions to my kit so I would get a lot of use out of them, I'm really enjoying strong lips again this year and these could work well for avant garde, vampy looks.

First up are the nail polishes, I'm sure you can work out which one is which. I really love all three shades, the non-glitter shade Chimney Sweep came out darker than I was expecting as it looks a bit more gun metal silver in the bottle, but as soon as the light hit my nails I saw that silver shine, it's such a gorgeous shade.

I've always avoided glitter polishes as much as I can because they're a nightmare to remove as I'm sure most of you will agree, and I've never found any good enough to put up with that. However as this was a new brand for me I decided to give Butter's glitters a go, and I am so glad I did. I usually find you need about four coats to get a full glitter nail with other brands but these only took two. They weren't gloopy and they even dried quickly. My favourite of the three polishes is Rosie Lee, it's like nothing I've seen before and will be such a beautiful shade for Spring, though I can see myself happily wearing it all year round.

I must also note that Butter nail polishes are really easy to apply, the brushes are nice and thin but still pick up a lot of product. The square tops pull off to reveal a ribbed, cylindrical top underneath which makes them really easy to unscrew, especially if you already have wet nails. It also means when you put the tops back on the lids will always face the right way. Little details like that really make a product special for me.

Last but not least these lipsticks were divine. They are called lipsticks on the website but are in tubes like glosses with sponge applicators and I would definately describe them as lip lacquers.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, they smell so fruity and delicious and I was so tempted to lick my lips on several occasions. They do apply really well with the applicators provided but I always prefer to use a lip brush, not only because it's what I'm used to when working on models but I find you get a bit more precision. These are both really strong colours, they're so pigmented that you don't need to slap on a ton for a really good coverage and they were easy to remove too.

The only thing I should mention is that they do seem to stay this sticky so although I would use these on a photoshoot I probably wouldn't wear them out personally. However this is mainly due to the bright colours, I could imagine them getting quite messy. This nude, Hen Party however, I would make an exception for!

It's a little on the higher end price wise but judging by the quality of the products I've tried I would happily spend more for these. Put it this way, for me, I'd much rather buy one Butter nail polish than three cheaper polishes from now on. I hope you enjoyed reading this review because I really enjoyed writing it! I'd love to hear your thoughts on Butter London too.

You can buy Butter London products from Boots or Bath & Unwind.


  1. love the look of these! ive always wanted to try the nail polish :) x

  2. Butter London is one of my favorite brands! These products sound so lovely – I'll definitely try them out!

    xo, Meera |

  3. I've never tried Butter London but Jade really likes her 'Scouse' polish! I hate applying 3/4 coats for glitter polish so this sounds like a dream. Those lippies are so highly pigmented, absolutely gorgeous.