Friday, 26 April 2013

FOTD: blue brows

Something a little experimental today and not the most wearable look. Statement brows became such a huge trend over the second half of 2012, especially with the increased popularity of Cara Delevingne and her gorgeous full brows. Not only were brows becoming bigger and bushier but people were experimenting with unnatural colours and even glitters, mainly seen on the catwalk and in editorials than on the street.

Colourful brows is something I've always loved and a look I am always hoping I'll get asked to create on a shoot, alas noone has required this as of yet so I couldn't wait any longer and had a little go with my own brows.

- I just used a standard navy blue shade which is by Annabelle (there isn't a shade name) and applied it as I do my usual brows using an angled brush. 
- There can be slightly more fallout when using an eye shadow over a brow cake but you can easily clean up at the end with a cream concealer and some setting powder. 
- I also used a black shade, Carbon by MAC to darken the bottom, inner edge of the brows which shows up better in the second image.

With such statement brows I wanted to keep the rest of my makeup quite basic, I used a very small amount of Guylond matte bronzer to contour my cheeks and a gorgeous nude on my lips, Fleshpot by MAC.

For my eyes I went for a messy, grunge effect by smudging out black eyeshadow and MAC fluidline in Blacktrack. I finished off with mascara by The Makeup Store.

I don't know if blue makeup really works for me at all but I do quite like this look, I'd never be brave enough to wear coloured brows out in public however so I'll save that for my models and hopefully a client will be after something like this soon!!


  1. this looks surprisingly good on you! xx

  2. This is an awesome idea, dunno if I would be brave enough to pull this off, but I could definitely see it looking amazing in a photoshoot! x

  3. This look really suits you! Your eyebrows look insane, and love the eye makeup!

    Lauren x