Thursday, 11 April 2013

DIY slogan plates

I have been waiting to upload this post for oh so long. These were all Christmas presents I made back in November for friends, but I only just got a chance to give the last lovely lady hers so had to keep them off the internet until now!

You may remember my DIY cake stand post, well this is very similar except I've just used single plates.

For the Harry Potter lover.

For the silver fox appreciator.

For the jewellery fiends.

Making these was really really simple and I'm sure you've probably seen things like these plates countless times before. 

- I scoured all my local charity shops for retro plates, I wanted ones that were quite feminine so they ended up super quirky with the contrast between the delicate china and florals and the big black letters.
- I wrote my chosen slogans on the plates using a regular black Sharpie, going over the letters with a second coat once they had dried.
- I had been told baking the plates would set the marker and it wouldn't rub off, this did not prove to be correct so I went over all the writing with a clear resin glue called Diamond Glaze. This of course makes the letters slightly raised and shiny but at least now they will last.

That's literally all you need to do. I must add these are not to eat off of, the Diamond Glaze would not be safe for consumption, even when dry. The Harry Potter and silver fox plates were intended to be decorative and the jewellery saucers as cute storage for rings and things. 

What do you think of this gift idea? It's a good one for if you want to make something personalised. Hands up who'll be trying this?


  1. Great DIY!

    Check out my blog, if you like it follow me! I follow you back soon!
    Cheap and Glamour

  2. I LOVE the Ted Danson one! I might just start scribbling on all my plates.. Far more exciting than plain! Awesome D.I.Y.



  3. these are freaking awesome!!! Ted Danson is a babe xx

  4. These are amazing!!! Hahaha Krum, touch my bum

  5. Oh my God, I love these! The Harry Potter ones are amazing!

  6. This is such a great idea! :)
    Definitely going to do this!

  7. These are so quirky and funny. Definitely will be doing this in the future to help spruce up my room somehow!