Thursday, 21 February 2013

My top ten nail varnishes

I'm one of those weird beauty lovers that doesn't enjoy painting her nails, in fact I find it quite a laborious chore which often leads to me wearing the same shade for weeks on end rather than pick out a different one.

Top ten nail varnishes displayed on nails
For someone who dislikes painting their nails I still own quite a lot of different varnishes, I often wonder how I've amassed so many. Here are my top ten shades which are generally the shades I rotate between about 80% of the year.

Favourite nail polishes displayed in bottles
Sally Hansen - Haute Chocolate // Covergirl - Midnight magic // Fearne - Grey // Models Own - Nude Beige // Nails Inc. - Jermyn Street // Rimmel - Tangy Tangerine // H&M - Check Me Out // 
H&M - Bella's Choice // Hard Candy - Sky // Essie - Going Incognito

As a makeup artist and jewellery designer I am always working with my hands, my nails get chipped easily and I use chemicals that ruins the polish so my priority when buying a nail varnish is colour over quality. This means I can get away with buying with the cheaper brands, I'm also a big fan of quick drying polishes, as I mentioned before I can get quite impatient waiting for my nails to dry.

I think this is a good range of shades for my top ten, there's a colour for most occasions. Do you own any of these nail varnishes? Would you put any of them in your top ten?


  1. The Collection of these Nail Polishes which you have are fantastic in terms of color. The colors make a good contrast or match with any party dress without hitting the eyes. After all, be it a Fashion or Jewellery Designer, the Make-up kit needs to be perfect. Thanks a lot for sharing this blog article with all of us.

  2. The Rimmel Tangy Tangerine is a lovely shade I'll have to keep an eye out for that.. Great collection :-)

  3. I love that you have all different colors, so cute!

    /Stephanie / http://

  4. I always use Barry M for the colour range, the fast-dryingness and the value for money.
    Caitlin x

  5. I love H&M polish and Rimmel have such a great range. I love Barry M too, I don't understand people who pay £14 quid for one, they all end up chipping at some point so I think what's the point. Love your picks I'll look out for that Rimmel shade, as I don't have any orange shades .......saying that I have an insane amount of polish at the mo. xx

  6. I love this collection! I'm training as a beautician so I can never wear nail varnish either but when I do it's usually Rimmel or Barry M.