Monday, 25 February 2013

MUA Monday: Annie Tagge

I'm so excited about today's post as I am featuring a very good friend of mine and talented mua, Annie Tagge. Annie is based in London and is experienced in all areas of hair and makeup, she's so dedicated to her career I find her quite the inspiration.

Fashion and beauty makeup by Annie Tagge

When did you realise you wanted to become a makeup artist? 
A good friend of mine sat me down during a really unhappy time at university and helped me realise what I wanted to do with my life. I'd always been a nerd and into Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars (all the stars!) as well as Buffy, Charmed - any tv which had fantasy characters really! I also always wanted to travel, work with my hands and have a job that was creative. For years I'd been obsessed with my own make-up as well, my friend helped me see I could channel all of the things I wanted in life into a career.

Where did you train and did you enjoy it?
I trained for a year at Delamar Academy in Ealing and enjoyed it immensely!! When you look back you see how easy and nurturing school is compared to the industry. I was lucky to be in a class with some incredibly talented make-up artists who are doing very well now.  At the time I was also working full time in the evenings and weekends so probably didn't fully appreciate all the extra help you can get from staying behind and doing weekend projects - I was running between work and school!

Beauty portrait by Annie Tagge

Was it hard to become established and get regular work?
It still is hard and I graduated 5 years ago! I think it will always be the nature of the industry that to make it requires a lot of luck as well as talent. Perseverance is key, I know I would be miserable doing anything else so I just try and stay busy on little projects and hope something is around the corner - it usually is!!

What is your favourite style of makeup to do?
I enjoy aging makeup and making things look gross or creepy. I also love face painting, a lot! Beauty make-up is fun with the right people... camouflage makeup is a real love for the emotional rewards of helping someone. Maybe top is SFX, face painting and camouflage! And airbrushing! And hair... Oh geez...

Summer beauty makeup by Annie Tagge

Is there any style of makeup you hate?
I sometimes hate doing camouflage make-up on young people. Obviously I don't know the family dynamic of the situation but I hope children don't have pressure from their parents to cover something like a birthmark or a scar... I find that quite upsetting. I also hate feather eyelashes.

What are your future goals in your career?
I'm hoping to do more freelance work this year, I'm currently full time at the make-up emporium that is Charles Fox so can only do extra jobs when I take holiday, but going part time next month - watch this space!! Would love to be on Game of Thrones or American Horror story or Walking Dead anytime soon!!

What is your top makeup tip?
Be professional with everything you do, keep your kit clean and ready to go, be nice, PRACTICE!

Aging, sfx makeup by Annie Tagge

What was your favourite makeup trend of 2012 and what are you enjoying this year?
I enjoyed the colourful eyebrows, and black lips were wicked. I love those trends on myself and love seeing trends going a bit more out there - I want people to relax with make-up, who cares if your eyebrows are green for a day, it washes off!

What are your favourite high end and budget brands?
I love Chanel foundations, love Nars, you can't beat kit staple Maybelline mascara either :) also Telesis for high end brand? Tinsley transfers (love love love them) premiere products.

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