Sunday, 13 January 2013

Favourite products of 2012 part 2 - Skin and hair

Part 2 of my favourite products of 2012, in this post I am sharing my favourite twelve skin and hair products. I'd say I change up these products more often than I do my makeup so I may not be using all of these at once but these are my most recommended of the year.

1. I featured this Clearasil wash and mask in this post back in August when I first tried it. I have only really been using it in it's mask form and I really love how fresh it makes my skin feel.

2. I was sent this Naked Skin bare face cheek face wash to try and it has become my new favourite. It is a very natural product and rose scented, it is nice and gentle on my skin and I use this every day in the shower. Another product that is great for leaving my skin feeling very fresh.

3. We have all seen the Bourjoir nail polish remover pots, well I have not tried them because I found that this one by Pretty and Perfect does the job perfectly and it only cost me £1 in Poundland. Not going to argue with that!

4. I use a whole range of lip products to stop them getting dry or chapped in the winter but this is my favourite and I have been using these little Lip Medex pots by Blistex for years now. It is specifically for cold sores or cracked, dry lips because it is medicated but I tend to use it on my lips all year round as prevention and it is brilliant.

5. This Anatomicals body scrub was another beauty box gift I believe, it's a great exfoliator to use in the shower and I believe very affordable and available in Tesco. I will definately be buying a large tube of this when my sample runs out.

6. I go on about this ALL the time. The Aveeno moisturising lotion is my overall favourite discovery of 2012. I discovered I liked it after using a sample sachet, then I waited for Boots to have it in sale so I could buy it for £5 instead of £7/£8. This makes a really good body moisturiser, I have quite sensitive skin on my legs and arms but this keeps them from getting itchy or dry.

7. The Vichy Normablend cleanser scrub and mask was sent to me by the lovelies at Escentual to try and after assuming I would love this I was fortunately proved right. I had previously tried Vichy's day cream and was head over heels in love with that so right now I am definately team Vichy. I like to use this best as a scrub and am not looking forward to this sample running out.

8. I have been loving masks in general this year and these are three of my favourites by Mudd, Montagne Jeunesse and Boots Natural Collection. This Mudd face mask really is the most bizarre sensation ever, it just feels like it's doing good and my skin feels great after. The other two are hair masks and leave my hair silky smooth for days, which it really needs after being attacked with bleach for years.

9. My hair is at a really rubbish stage at the moment as I am trying to grow it long again so I love Tigi Bed Head sugar dust to give my hair some much needed volume at the roots.

10. This No7 beautifully balanced toner has been my favourite toner of the year. I only bought it because I had a £5 No7 voucher not realising it would turn out to be the only one I would use from then on.

11. Another product to try and bring some life to my rubbish hair, this Loreal sea salt spray is a bit of a miracle product for me, it sets it nice and messy and even smells good.

12. Lastly I bought this TRESemme serum for a shoot in which the model needed sleek, straight hair, but I tend to rub it messily through mine to give it a bit of texture before using the sea salt spray.

That's everything really, it was hard to narrow these products down to just 12 so I may mention some other wonder products at a later date but for now, have you tried any of these and did you have the same opinions as me?

If you didn't read the first part of this post in which I discussed my favourite makeup of 2012 you can go back and see it here.

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  1. Lovely choices here, Vichy in particular is so nice x