Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Favourite products of 2012 part 1 - Makeup

I'm not one for reading other bloggers' empties posts every month, but I do like to read a big round up once a year which a lot of you have been doing on your blogs or on YouTube. I wanted to share my own favourite products from 2012 but there were quite a few to talk about so I have split this into two parts, first up is my most loved makeup products of the past year.

I'm not going to go into TOO much detail, especially as many of these things have been mentioned in previous posts.

1. Kryolan Shimmering Vision palette - I reviewed this palette here, this was a product I had drooled over for a while before purchasing. It has a gorgeous array of creme eyeshadows which make great bases for giving powder eyeshadows a bit more pop, or can be used on their own.

2. I have absolutely loved using the Real Techniques brushes this past year, I am so impressed with their quality and they've actually become my go to brushes over all others including MAC. (I KNOW!) Although they are synthetic they are mega soft and I especially love the face brushes which apply foundation flawlessly.

3. I won this Gosh mascara in a giveaway hosted by fellow mua Laura. I have mixed feeling about Gosh, some products I love, some not so much (but I'll go into that another time) but this mascara is one of the ones I love. It applies really nicely and does not clump.

4. This Henry Holland mascara came in a Boots set I got for Christmas so I've only been using it a couple of weeks. I don't think the mascara itself is all that special, you'd need quite a few coats for your top lashes. However the brush is lovely and thin so I have been using it on my bottom lashes, for these it adds the perfect amount of product.

5. I go on about my Illamasqua brow cake all the time, I've had this a couple years now and use it every time I leave the house, (I feel like an albino without my brows filled) so I'm impressed with how long it has lasted. I apply this with an angled brush and it's really easy to work with.

6. I think the MAC Spring '13 Forecast lip palette is one of my best makeup purchases of 2012. Each shade is gorgeous in its own right and I mainly bought this for my kit but I have been using the first nude/brown shade on myself a lot. I generally prefer more matte lipsticks but these are gorgeous.

7. Another item from the Gosh giveaway, this blusher is shade 43, Flower Power. This is a shade I would never have picked myself as I'm one for favouring peach or light pink blushes usually but I was surprised at how well it suited me. I tend to save this for going out and generally pair it with a nude lip.

8. My current favourite lipstick which you may have spotted on my Instagram recently. This is Petulant Rose by Prestige and is an exact match for my natural lip colour. You might think that is pointless but I like that it evens my skin tone out and doesn't look like I have too much makeup on.

9. Another favourite lipstick as been this coral one by Inglot which I think is shade 40. It is a nice creamy consistency and I wear this a lot when I go out.

10. Yes indeed I remembered to pop a nail polish in there. I got this in a Glossybox I think, it is Haute Chocolate by Sally Hansen and I adoooore it. I've become really lazy and begun wearing this constantly because it dries so quickly, however the shade is fab and has been perfect for the winter months and festive period.

11. Lastly this is another blush I have been wearing all the time. This is a great day blush by Ben Nye in shade DR-13 Natural Blush. I bought this from Greasepaint makeup school in the summer when I took my 2 week prosthetics course and have worn it nearly every day since.

So, after all that I'll be very impressed if you're still reading this. I tried to be as brief as I could, I promise, and now you can see why I had to split the post in two.

I'll be posting the second half of this on Sunday in which I share my favourite skin and hair products so be sure to check back then. In the mean time I'd love to hear what you thought of this post and also the products I mentioned, whether they are things you use already or had been thinking of trying.


  1. I think I'm going to have to invest in some Real Techniques brushes this year!

    Jen xx

  2. Oooo love the lipstick, looks lovely and creamy x

  3. I have Haute Chocolate, it's gorgeous xx