Monday, 27 April 2020

Cult Beauty Starter Kit Review - Part 2

Another Monday rolls around and I finally feel like blogging. This post has been a long time coming, I posted part 1 of this review at the end of January and have a few months to really enjoy the products and make sure I give them a proper chance so I could report back with accurate opinions. As mentioned before in my initial thoughts I had high hopes for this box so did the Cult Beauty Starter Kit meet my expectations?

Thursday, 13 February 2020

High Street Haul

I can't tell you guys how long it has been since I've bought makeup from a high street store but something compelled me to wander into Superdrug on the way home from the post office this morning. I tend to order all my makeup directly from the brand or from pro makeup stores and I think except my NYX brow gel I don't really use anything else. It was actually quite exciting to look at what each brand had on offer and I did end up buying a few bits and pieces.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Insta Eyes 1

Happy hump day guys! If you have me on Instagram you might have seen the following makeups already, I've been having fun this week playing with makeup in a way I don't usually get to in my job and coming up with some fun looks. I wanted to share them on here so I can write a little more in depth about each one and get your thoughts.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Review // Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this palette months ago, I hadn't heard anything about its release so was so excited when I spotted it. I'm a big Drag Race fan so although I don't have a great deal of call for a palette like this I couldn't resist, and today I finally had time for a long awaited play.

One of ABH limited edition palettes, this one is of course in collaboration with Drag Race royalty, Alyssa Edwards. If you order from the link above you're able to choose one of their brushes for £10. It retails for £46, the same price of all their other full sized palettes, but if you're luck you might spot one of these in TKMaxx too.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Cult Beauty Starter Kit Review - Part 1

I've been so patient since this box arrived, I wanted to rip open every product but I've waited to get a photo of it altogether and now the fun starts! I think I spotted this come up on an Instagram ad and ordered it while walking down the road to the post office so I didn't forget. Keen much. I'm going to talk about the box in two parts, a breakdown of what products are included then I'll come back in a couple of weeks to give my impressions of the products when I've had a proper chance to try them.

The Cult Beauty Starter Kit

Friday, 24 January 2020

Product Fails Part 1

Just a quick one today, I use this blog to share all the products and makeup looks I love but maybe I should also be writing about some of the things that I'm not so enamoured with. Often when I'm intrigued by a new product I'll check some reviews before buying and maybe if I had on these occasions I wouldn't have wasted my money. I'm all for being honest in reviews so here is my first instalment of product fails.

Arctic Fox Hair Dye - This was actually a product that was recommended to me by a fellow colourful hair dye user so I had high expectations. It's an American brand and I could only find it on Amazon but at least that meant I would get it quick. I was excited to use it right away but alas, it left absolutely no colour on my hair whatsoever. A completely pointless exercise. I have found other pastel hair dyes to be disappointing in the past so perhaps my hair just doesn't take it well, but to get no payoff at all is a new low. In case anyone is interested I've now gone back to switching between Directions and Crazy Colour, both of which work as good as anything else I've ever tried. Oh to find a permanent colour dye!

Fenty Beauty Foundation - I was excited about the arrival of Fenty Beauty and just how many foundation shades they had to offer, though it took me til the end of last year to finally try one. My first impressions was that it was a bit too heavy for what I was after but that's not usually a deal breaker, however I'd ordered a shade too light even for me. Who knew it was possible? Again, I wasn't deterred, I just warmed it up with bronzer and picked a dewy blush and was pretty pleased with the outcome. Fortunately I think it was just a day about town because by lunch time it looked horrendous, my skin looked like I'd never even seen water. You could see every pore, and attempts to touch up failed miserably. I tried it a couple more times since, (perhaps I was just having a bad skin day) but it just won't sit nicely on my skin at all now even on first application. I have combination skin so it's not because it's too dry, but I guess I am just not compatible with it. I'd love to hear how other people have found this, I wonder if the formula of the lightest shade is slightly different or if they would all be like that?

Charlotte Tilbury Lipgloss - I feel slightly bad including this as the main reason I dislike it is because I didn't realise it was a lipgloss. I know it's in the name, but I found it in TKMaxx and thought it was a liquid lipstick. The fact the range is called Latex Love further backed that up and I thought it was going to be a liquid lipstick that dried but stayed shiny, nothing about the word "latex" relates to a gloss. Of course that's not the case and it is sticky...REALLY sticky. To be honest even if I was looking for a lipgloss this would be too sticky still. To it's credit it is very highly pigmented, but that will transfer onto anything you touch and smudge very easily. Nice colour but that's about it.

Monday, 20 January 2020

2019 Beauty Changes

Reflecting on 2019 it was probably my busiest year work wise but somehow I still managed to get in a fair amount of me time with regards to beauty. I tried so many new products and made a few changes that I wanted to share, none of which were particularly conscious attempts to level up but new things I fell into.

Okay so I've already lied, the first one was a conscious decision, partly to benefit my skin and partly as a means to be a little more environmentally conscious. I've been switching over to face cloths instead of wipes for a few years now and this year I also purchased a Face Halo which I absolutely adore.